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HQplayer – do I need it? Thread starter MisterDee Start date May 31, MisterDee Member. Joined May 31, Messages 13 Likes Hello, I have been looking into HQplayer and audirvana vs hqplayer free wondering if it would benefit me. I currently use Tidal for all my music listening. The Tidal Andriod Cast feature doesn’t see the Tidal desktop hqplayeer as a device if it did I would quite happily forget all of this and use that instead!

If so, would it be possible to fit this audirvana vs hqplayer free of software into the setup I have above? I’m really just asking if this is a viable solution rather than how to do it as I’m sure I could figure it out if it’s possible.

Any ftee would be appreciated! QMuse Major Contributor. Joined Feb 20, Auudirvana 3, Likes 2, MisterDee said:. Click to expand I did have a Roon subscription but found it really frustrating to return any of the results I wanted from Tidal via the search function so gave up in the end, although Audirvana vs hqplayer free did like the sound – maybe it’s improved, I’ll check.

I didn’t know this software existed audirvana vs hqplayer free thanks for the info, it looks pretty impressive based on the brief look I have had on the website. Glad I posted here, there seems to be a wealth of knowledge around!

Joined May 11, Messages bqplayer Likes 2. Control Tidal directly. I did try controlling Hplayer directly on the PC with AnyDesk, whilst this works it’s pretty clunky to do it with a phone, searching and selecting tracks is fiddly audirvana vs hqplayer free after a couple of gin and tonics!

One other free option is Daphile, runs audirvana vs hqplayer free x It has a Tidal audirvana vs hqplayer free in, but you use Daphile UI to navigate, can’t use the native Tidal app on your phone. It has some sort of upnp plug in iirc but I never tried it.

Stevenich Member. Joined Feb 23, Messages 12 Likes 1. HQplayer support from the developer sucks!!! Stevenich said:. Forum Donor. Move источник head 5cm it will uadirvana far more difference, cheaper too, Keith. I downloaded HQplayer and had a question. I sent the developer 3 emails and PM’d him. No responses. Hqplayee you elaborate on “ta hat other forum”? Joined Dec 2, Messages 2 Likes 1. HQPlayer has wudirvana a huge difference in my system.

I find Roon directly to be a bit shouty. HQPlayer with the right settings has been fantastic! По этому адресу Gaich Member. Joined Nov 26, Messages 29 Likes Good day to all! Today I tried HQplayer. Здесь really liked this program because listening jqplayer my local files all day I noticed that simply resampling from This experience confirms that ESSpro, being a delta-sigma converter, prefers a ready-made DSD stream at its input, rather than forming it on the fly Igor Gaich said:.

Joined Mar 4, Messages 1, Likes 2, This experience confirms. I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth. But I repeat audirvanna when everything audrivana PCM upsampling does not give anything, audirvana vs hqplayer free I agree with you, but the conversion to dsd was noticeable, I have bi-amping, the mid-high frequency amplifier has lower audirvana vs hqplayer free than the DAC, and I have a fountek neo cd 2 tape head.

Again, this is all in my system. I will also add, perhaps the audirvana vs hqplayer free were due to other filters that the software gives You must log in or register to reply hqolayer.

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Audirvana vs hqplayer free


If I could save a ton of money and have one less box, power supply, and cable to worry about…why the hell not. I also used the Roon phone app as a remote.

To be as thorough as I can, these were the steps I took:. Some of you asked what were the main differences between these DACs. I actually think some may prefer one over the other. Wonder how I generate such great content? Lots and lots of caffeine. Audio Bacon himself.

An open-minded electrical engineer and software developer by trade. I have an obsession with the enjoyment of all things media – specifically in the realm of music and film. So much heart and soul and money go into the creation of this artistry. My aim is to find out which products get me closer to what the musicians and directors intended. It sounds a bit off. In addition, HMS is far more tonally variant and layers out the performers better.

You could actually hear the organics of the finger snap and the finger plucking the bass. There are more reverb and resonance overall to give you an idea of the acoustic space. The dips, curves, and flair of each instrument are clearly in view. But not so much on HQPlayer. Hi Jay. First, thanks for the time and effort here- great review, especially your perceived differences across the wide range of PCM settings. In all cases, this was better than any PCM setting and anecdotally, my preferred settings were the same as yours for PCM.

Whether this narrows the gap to M-Scaler or exceeds it i dont know, but as a chord DAC user myself, I no longer feel a need to add the M-Scaler to my system, and am looking instead at upgrading my AMD PC to a chip that will manage the DSD settings at a higher bitrate than my current limit of k.

VERY intriguing. Which filter are you using? Seems like most people are using sinc-L? Like you, the linear filters were not so much to my taste. Thanks for the detailed review, Jay. Very useful. Try it — it might save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Great write-up. Since Chord uses a highly unique method of DA conversion its not that surprising that a computer specifically optimized for this process M-scaler will beat a non-optimized computer.

Fantastic comparative review, and as an HQ Player user I really enjoyed you assessment of the various filters and op[tions, These were incredibly concordant with my impressions as well after months of use, well-done!. Surely that is hyperbolic and whatever smoothing of tonal variation the software produces is far more subtle and discriminating then would hinder that distinction.

It just sounds like HQPlayer is more heavy-handed. But you could feel the mass and strength of that voice or instrument. The value proposition laid out in detail that so many of us have been waiting for… Very nicely done. As you probably know, the chosen USB port on a motherboard does matter.

It digs DEEP but remains very analog sounding. I could start to hear the individual members of the audience. Very transparent and separation is uncanny. Amazing filter if you enjoy an uncolored sound.

Personally, I prefer a more warm-blooded tone. You hear more definitions from low-end as well. Cymbals have more metal to it and vocal overlays are sweeter. Also, the background of the HMS is quieter which helps with separation. There is a lot to unpack and a lot of value in this review. Which DACs would be good candidates for such an experiment? My guess is that the Gaia might add some of the timbre accuracy you noticed in your Terminator review and the right HQP filter at DSD would add even more delicacy.

I no longer have the Denafrips but yeah, that would be interesting. I have not heard the Gaia DDC. As many have that DAC and would love to see how it performs under these conditions. Great write up—really nicely done. Question: did you have the Phoenix USB reclocker in your chain for these tests? I love this USB reclocker. Great review Jay! Also, have you experimented with an LPS for Dave? Not a subtle change to say the least! Hopefully this LPS can be a potential future review by you. Again thanks for your great review!

Crazy improvements in transparency, depth, and texture…but I felt like the one I heard at least it took away too much warmth.

As for the Innuos Phoenix, once I heard it…it was difficult not to buy it. Perhaps you heard a DC3 Sean Jacobs or some other variant. It would be great if at some point you could review the opticalRendu. Always something to try! As Mr. Great stuff! Superior in what way? First: thanks for the detailed review. You should get little to no latency with the M1 Mac Mini. Great review Nick!

It also helps the LCD4 soundstage a lot, combined with no dither and poly sinc LP, gives me the best balance. The r2r dacs I have, have reacted much better to upsampling than DS ones. Also in your asio manager you can turn off safe mode which elevates the fidelity even higher, changing the buffer there changes the energy in the highs.

You can also use parametric eq on hqplayer through the matrix pipeline. The manual also states some dithers are better suited to different levels of upsampling. No shortage of warmth there. Good info. Hm, how do you disable safe mode with a Chord DAC? Fantastic that you tried the DSD option — I actually agree with you in respect of the ADMS7 shaper you used — I personally found it not so much different to the PCM settings, and seeing as my Chord DAC is DoP I left it in PCM mode — until i tried the EC shapers — these were, for me, a big step up, even though I had to reduce from to — despite the power of your rig, you might need to step back from and try it in , but that should still be much more to your tastes than using a non-EC shaper.

Might also be of interest that I am using a small piece of cmd line SW to use Jriver as a frontend on my collection, and clicking on any track from an LP in jriver pushes the whole album to HQP and starts playing from your selected track — really nice functionality.

The DC4 has been mentioned. As you say, there are crazy improvements in transparency, depth and texture by adding the DC4 but I heard no loss of warmth. In fact to my ears I hear less harshness. I would never have described Dave as being harsh until I swopped back to the stock Dave after using the DC4 powered Dave.

When I was assessing the DC4 effectiveness with the Dave I was lucky at that time because I had a second stock Dave so I could do more or less instant switching between them. The price was steep when I bought my DC4 I had the first production DC4 that Sean made and it is steeper now but everyone who has bought a DC4 even at the current price has come back to me and thanked me for suggesting the stunning upgrade to Dave.

Finaly, there have not been any product announcements from Chord for a long time, probably due to Covid. To my eyes there is a glaring gap in the line up previously occupied by the Blu Mk2. It would not surprise me to see a Choral range Mscaler to compliment the Dave. If so I am guessing that will far outstrip the current Hugo Mscaler and set the bar even higher for rival upscaling products.

It has my highest recommendation. OK…I really need to hear the DC4. How exactly do you go about setting up that trio of HQP? Have you tried the latest Roon? I find it interesting that Jay prefers Roon and you prefer not-Roon. I know folks vary on this issue, but the small group of folks at AudiophileStyle who are really going to the extreme with Dave mods, servers etc.

I do wonder though if Roon v1. I tend to align with Jay in that the tonal color is super important to me and I need more warmth. Then again, a new Dave v2 with a great LPS would likely be even better but per Rob is not in the cards anytime soon….


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For me, Audirvana sounds good, but to my ears it’s not the best. HQPlayer’s playback of DSD is superior by far, and is quite better for PCM. And. HQPlayer, actually its full name is HQPlayer Desktop, is an audiophile player that is a derivative of a professional mastering application. HQPlayer, actually its full name is HQPlayer Desktop, is an audiophile player that is a derivative of a professional mastering application that.


Audirvana vs hqplayer free. The HEADPHONE Community

But as I told you, this integration creates a drop of the sound quality, since Roon decodes the tracks.

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