About Uganda Child Cancer Foundation

The Uganda child cancer foundation is a brain child of the Uganda Cancer Institute established with a mission of creating a society free of childhood cancer by contributing towards effective childhood cancer control in Uganda through patient support, awareness creation, advocacy, research and mentorship. Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) is a Non-Government organization that was registered in 2006 with a Registration number of No. S.5914/6566.


A society Free of Childhood cancer


To contribute towards effective childhood cancer control in Uganda through patients support, awareness creation, advocacy, Research and Mentorship.


To facilitate informed decision making, evidenced based policy changes, life skills for healthy productive and empowered community as well as better treatment outcomes for children with cancer.

Our Values

Godliness: We believe that “If you do it unto a child, you do it onto God”. UCCF Values the fact that all children with cancer should receive the best quality of care and that ultimate care comes from God.

Equity and Inclusion: UCCF works in an inclusive way with individuals who care about cancer and partners in cancer care who believe in our values. We are also a non-political organization working to ensure that services provided are open to everyone without discrimination. We believe that our inclusive approach has enabled us to grow and contribute more to our societies today.

Knowledge Oriented: UCCF believes that knowledge is power and hence will continue to ensure effective and sustainable education for communities about cancer and specifically childhood cancer.

Patient Focus: We focus on children living with cancer and therefore link with other services that may be available to help the children and their families get the necessary support enable them fight the battle cancer as the receiving their treatment.

Integrity and Respect: In all that we do, we value our integrity and that of patients and communities we serve. We do believe that respect is a two way and that we all must earn it from each other.

Transparency and Accountability: Being a Non-Governmental organization whose operations are for charity purposes supported by people of good will and kind hearts, UCCF values transparency in the manner it uses resources in its hands. As such UCCF will continue to report its financial management and have its accounts audited annually.