Education and Awareness

As a civil society group, we have a responsibility to ensure that we carryout education and awareness and as such, we started the 3C (Children Caring about Cancer) Program aimed at educating and empowering young people about cancer with particular interest to cancers in children.

3C is a young people’s program that was created in 2010 and the first project was run in 2011. St. Mary’s College Kisubi, Kings College Budo, Mt. St. Mary’s College and Gayaza High School were the first schools to pilot the 3C program.

The Mission of the program is to educate young people and empower them enough to be able to educate and sensitize their communities about cancer and other related Non-Communicable Diseases.

Currently the program has reached over 100 schools across the different regions of Uganda, Eastern, Northern, Western, Southern and Central. This also means that the program has been able to reach over 1,000,000 young people over the last 10 years. Using the basic family analogy, it is our belief that over 2,000,000 have been sensitized about cancer by their children who are part of the 3C clubs in schools.

The 3C students have become an incredible force in the fight against cancer as some of the schools have organized cancer runs, fundraisers and also community based cancer awareness and screening projects. An example is Gayaza High School where the students rally the members, invite UCCF and Uganda Cancer Institute to join them in their community engagement activities.