Patient Support

We were formed with the mandate of providing psychosocial support to children suffering from Cancer. Annually, UCCF supports over 1000 children. The psychosocial support has activities like playtherapy and shading which help the children to feel safe and connected to their colleagues. Patient support also has activities like reading and writing which are aimed at ensuring that children don’t get left behind by their colleagues who are still in school.

Part of patient support is the counselling sessions that look to engage with the children so that they don’t get depressed and suffer from mental health diseases. This service is also provided to the parents as they shoulder the bigger percentage of having to take care of the children as they receive treatment but also the psychological torture of having to think of where to get funds for the basic needs and drugs for their children.

The program as well intervenes for the children whose families are unable to meet some of the basic needs, buy the supportive drugs and find transport to and from for treatment care and management. Many children coming from families that are not well to do and as a result, they find it had to meet the bare requirement and it is as a result that UCCF comes to ensure that all children are able to receive the necessary support.