Moses Echodu

Programs Director

Children suffering from cancer have a high chance of survival as compared to their adult counterparts, but a lot has to be done in terms of support to realize this

Brandy Valentine Azeirwe

Programs Assistant Communication and Awareness

“Empower them now so that they can empower later”

Nambalirwa Priscilla

Head Education and Awareness

We should aim to create an environment that is conducive for children to take on and survive cancer

Atwiine Angela

Communications Coordinator

Amate will give us a quote that can be put on the website

Barungi Brenda Banana

Assistant Patient Support.

You have cancer, it doesn’t have you

Busingye McDonald

Communications Officer

Seeing children who are at the forefront of battling cancer smile is priceless

Issa Khamis Ahmed

3C Programs Officer

Schools are a rich place to create cancer awareness for the future

Adeke Janet

Head Patient Support

Together as a force against childhood cancer

Ezra Anecho

Deputy Programs Director