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To raise a competent community of young people with skills that enable them support those affected by cancer.

This program area is twofold, on other hand it focuses on mentoring childhood cancer survivors while on the hand it embraces young people who care about cancer and require the support as they develop through life.

In line with the programs focus on childhood cancer survivors, Mentorship is provided as an intervention dedicated to help them learn and develop new lifelong coping skills/knowledge. Through this, the survivors would be able to develop and/or enhance a specific set of core skills which would give them an edge in realizing their potential. Survivors who have benefited from this program will be encouraged to contribute back to UCCF –Uganda Cancer Institute and the community at large, through the new knowledge and skills acquired.

On the other young people absorbed on this program, as described above. The platform also provides opportunities for volunteerism among young people who care about cancer to connect with survivors to contribute back to the community.