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After installation, it will remain on your hard drive. Or, you can use Command Prompt to delete увидеть больше two folders as well as the data within them.


Windows 10 $windows. bt free › Forums › en-US › what-is-in-windows-bt-th. I have several virtual machined running Window 10 Insider Preview. If sufficient free space is left, the BT folder has no impact to.


Windows 10 $windows. bt free


What if you don’t have permission to save in this location in Windows 10? The program can’t start because msvcr What is unsecapp. Windows could not automatically detect this network’s proxy settings – what should you do?

Is Searchui. What should you do about it? How to disable igfxtray with no harm to your data? What should you do if you see this: ‘The code execution cannot proceed’? Fix dxgmms2. Fix it Now! What should you do if Windows Update Service is missing? What is WaasMedic.

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What to do if a computer won’t wake up from sleep in Windows 10? What if ‘Java’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file? What if Windows Security asks to enter network credentials? What to do? Your actions? Here is how to deal with ‘Avchrome. What should you do if Windows can’t find one of the files in this theme? Fix Windows update error now! What should you do to save your data?

Everything you should know about error code 0xc What should you do in case of srttrail. How to use registry editor? How to edit boot.

How to disable hibernate mode with no harm to your data? What should you do if Windows 10 update deleted files What should you do in case of ‘Windows resource protection could not start the repair service’ issue? How should you interact with Service Host Sysmain if it causes high disk usage problems?

Photoshop Scratch Disk is Full? Here is what to do if Origin game won’t launch Bootrec. Fix This Issue! What is NES emulator and how to use it right? What should you do if ‘We couldn’t install some updates because the PC was turned off’ error occurs? Computer turns on by itself Msvcp How to fix Kernel Fix ‘Driver power state failure in Windows 10’ now!

Guide on how to activate partition Can’t delete a file What should you do if Windows cannot find gpedit. You only need a monitor, keyboard, mouse, and internet connection. After the setup, you can reconnect the peripherals one at a time to ensure they don’t cause any issues. You will need a USB bootable media to perform a clean installation of Windows Once you complete the steps, the tool will download the files and create an installer with the latest installation files, which you can then use to start the device and configure a fresh copy of Windows Rufus is a free tool with many options to help you create a bootable media of Windows 10 faster.

However, it’s important to remember that it’s a third-party option, which Microsoft does not support. As a result, use it at your own risk. After you complete the steps, Rufus will download the ISO file from the Microsoft servers, and it’ll create the bootable media to perform a clean install of Windows The installation process of Windows 10 has two main parts, including the setup and out-of-box experience OOBE.

In the setup process, that’s where you will select some of the basic settings, and you’ll find the options to erase the hard drive, configure the partitions, and clean install Windows The out-of-box experience happens after the setup is complete, and it’s the stage where you’ll configure your settings, such as region, network, account, privacy, and other settings.

Warning: This is another friendly reminder that this process will erase everything on the computer. Before proceeding, it’s always recommended to make a temporary full backup of your PC. If you plan to decommission the computer, you do not need to continue with the out-of-box experience. If this is an upgrade, continue with the instructions below.

After the setup, you have to continue with the out-of-box experience to configure your preferences and create a new account. After you complete the steps, the settings will apply to the clean installation of Windows 10, and you should be able to see the default desktop experience. Once the installation is complete, it’s also good to check that Windows 10 isn’t missing any critical updates or drivers and is properly activated.

Once you complete the steps, any available updates will automatically download and install. Also, a restart may be required to complete the update process. If some hardware has problems, you may need to manually install the latest drivers from your computer manufacturer’s support website. You can use this guide to install device drivers on Windows On Windows 10, drivers can also be part of the optional updates.

If the computer doesn’t have all the required drivers, you may be able to download them from Windows Update. After you complete the steps, Windows Update will download and install the missing drivers automatically.

In case Windows 10 didn’t activate, the device will try to reactivate at a later time. If you’re still having issues after a couple of days, you can use the Activation Troubleshooter to activate. It’s now time to reinstall the apps, including your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , or Opera to browse the web.

If you use Spotify opens in new tab or iTunes opens in new tab to listen to tunes while working or surfing the internet, you can download these apps and others from the Microsoft Store. Also, it’s now a good time to download and install the Microsoft Office apps opens in new tab to start working with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and managing your emails with Outlook.

The last thing left to do is to restore your documents from backup. If you previously configured file backup with OneDrive, the data should already be available inside the OneDrive folder, but if the app didn’t configure automatically, you can use this guide. If you have a backup of your files on an external drive, reconnect the storage to restore the data into the default folders Documents, Downloads, Pictures, etc.

Although you can start a clean installation using the Media Creation Tool without a USB media and even the “Reset this PC” option from the recovery settings, these methods have their limitations and do not always work as expected. The bootable media is the alternative if you want the best possible clean installation method. For more helpful articles, coverage, and answers to common questions about Windows 10 and Windows 11, visit the following resources:.

Mauro Huculak is technical writer for WindowsCentral. His primary focus is to write comprehensive how-tos to help users get the most out of Windows 10 and its many related technologies. Windows Central Windows Central. Bulk storage If you’re in the market for an external drive to store file backups, look no further than the Western Digital Elements Desktop Hard Drive.

Mauro Huculak. More about windows Windows 10 version 22H2 announced, and its first build is available fo Topics Windows 10 Help. See all comments Still not getting windows 10 upgrade on my pc! Though i have reserved it and the get windows 10 notification appears. Help anybody? Please try our Windows 10 forums! You’ll get much better answers there, thanks! Appreciate your help! It means that some peripherals in your PC are not yet compatible with Win This is why they did the whole reservation and wave release.

If the validation tool detects something the will not work it prevents the windows 10 upgrade. You will have to wait untill they sort our the drivers and you’ll get your windows. If you force Win10 install you might end up with your PC not working.

If it’s a camera the problem isn’t so big but if you have a SATA controller that is not yet supported you won’t even be able to install Win Seriosly, just wait untill you get it through Windows Update. Just use the Microsoft upgrade tool I waited for a couple of days but my reserved invite still hasn’t come through so I manually updated as it mentioned in this article.

I would recommend fully downloading as an ISO file first though as my install failed twice when directly installing from the website. The ISO file did it perfectly. One more thing, make sure you disable any antivirus programs you have running. Now I have Windows 10 Pro working well although I had to update some drivers manually afterwards too. Hope this helps guys.

The upgrade never asked for any key. Fresh installation will ask. If you’re upgrading your current operating system, the upgrade will take the licence key of the current version of Windows your upgrading from.

If you do a clean install as per the instructions in this article you will need to enter the key. Part of the clean install is formatting the hard drive, which will remove your current operating system. Did you check the product key after the upgrade to 10? Are you sure out is not the generic key?

It’s not a generic key, because all of my windows devices upgraded from the disc, all have a different product id. Check the media creation tool. You will see the option to “Upgrade Now” I did that. Make sure that your windows update is set up to install updates automatically not download and warn you first or warn if there are updates available before download and install, just set it to install automatically.

Try this it worked for me. If those folders don’t exist, type this at the command line: wuauclt. If you have to hit Windows Update with a hammer, try this: 1. Uninstalled the KB In an elevated cmd prompt 1. We’re not upgrading any time soon.

Just use the upgrade tool on the ISO page. Search for “windows 10 ISO” and you’ll find the page with the downloads. You can run the upgrade from there. Good luck! Just download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, google it you’ll find it, and then choose upgrade once it has downloaded, after that you are free to do a clean install, this article should help Same process for Insiders?

Because, the key used to activate my Windows 10 seems to be a generic one as confirmed by many Reddit users. So, if I clean install Windows 10, would it get activated by itself? Have the same question here Even my other computer that didn’t have the insider version on it, got a generic product key after upgrading I too posted my query on the forums but no one knows about it I guess. Yup, I had already tried the “slmgr” command a few days ago. It said my machine was permanently activated. I have been an Insider since the very first build was released.

I had, then, upgraded from Windows 8. Finally, that means I am eligible for a clean install 😀 The Mail app doesn’t sync at all, the Start menu often crashes and the WiFi goes haywire all of a sudden without warning. This has compelled me to clean install Windows I went through the same, I just did a clean install and it let me use the generic key.

I haven’t checked whether my Windows is activated though lol. Tried a clean install in the surface pro 2 and failed to activate, the generic key stored in the bios didn’t worked. The key is a default key that is blocked from being activated in another machine. What gets registered in the server is your hardware ID so if you connect to the internet to activate, it will search for your Hardware ID.

This also means that any major change on the machine’s hardware components will revoke your license for the free upgrade as a major hardware change will cause significant change on the hardware ID of the machine. Geez 16 GB of ram! Hell of a machine! It’s a lot, but if you use virtual machines, it’s a bless : Also, in the Win10 case, helps you to monitor how agressive the OS is with the RAM.

Yesterday Groove was using Hell if you have a discrete video card it will gobble ram. The most frustrating is the disk usage. RAM is cheap today.

This is mainly because I also use Hyper-V. I’ve installed the update through Windows update with no hassle. I’d recommend waiting to upgrade until some minor quirks are ironed out, though.

Btw very helpful guide, WCentral team, thanks. I did a clean install, but my Windows 10 Pro was missing everything. No Edge, no store, no calculator, no people, no mail, calendar, nothing Any ideas? Do a reinstall again. Try updating all the apps from the store. They might be corrupted or hidden. There is no store in my Win10 version, not even one “metro” app You gotta download the apps separately. But edge should’ve been there. Don’t know what the actual problem is.

As I said, there is not Store in mz Win10 version Try resetting your PC from recovery once. Did reset again, same thing Will try a clean upgrade from win 8. I have the 32bit edition installed. Can i use this key to activate the 64bit edition? Maybe for Win7, after Windows 8 the x86 and x64 use the same key, you can choose. I haven’t tested it. My Windows isn’t activated anymore after doing a clean install on my venue 8 pro.

I forget the error given, but apparently some keys don’t immediately get activated due to high server loads from Microsoft. It took my key a few hours to be activated. I’d give it a few hours before contacting Microsoft.

CC is the error code. I have the same. Clean install from Build TP. Bern waitin since the release and im yet to activate the bastard. After the upgrade and your machine is activated you can then do a clean install as the next time around the MS servers already have the hardware ID logged.

Also check for and do any BIOS upgrade that is available for the machine – it’s making a big difference in how well things work. If you did the upgrade first and activated it, then clean installed, just click the “go to store” button in the activation screen, then click “try again” from within the store app. I’ve upgraded my main Windows machine that means my Key will now activate Windows 10 if I clan install? Your key is not converted You have to use the key finder tool to get your windows 10 key.

However, the only catch is that you must upgrade your current operating system to Windows 10 via Windows Update first, before you can do a clean install. This is to ensure your current product key gets converted to a Windows 10 product key and that your copy of the operating system remains activated.

I see two mistakes in the article. Own a lumia , India. Shut up and start reading how to update. Took about an hour. Curiously, it’s not updating my apps to their W10M versions automatically.

I thought it would have done so. I’m having to update them individually. Why do you say they’ll likely update the list of supported devices? From reading the blog posts and twitter accounts, this is it. No other device models will be getting Windows 10 carrier versions of phones in that list might. Damage control. It’s already confirmed by Microsoft that the older devices won’t be upgraded. But you wouldn’t notice by looking at a fanboy site.

Ain’t this just the same as the insider app, so not the official update. How do i know if my have or 1Gb ram?!?! Download and launch Aida64 from Store. Ok, i will check.. It says up to date because you have the latest build for your phone. No further update available at this time.

Does the carrier really matter for unlocked versions?? It matters because I have an unlocked version and it says that my phone is upgradeable but not yet because mobile carrier and phone manufacturer Lumia Seems like a bug with l Step 1: don’t. Step 2: it won’t be necessary if you followed step 1 correctly. Estimate size of download?

Its mentioned in Microsoft official site. Thanks for the info bro. An idiot app! The same as phone update in settings! Looks like I’ll switch from my to a while I wait for the right flagship. Sucks for the camera. Why not just use the insider preview on your until you find the right flagship? While my runs 10 fine my was buggy, it would work fine, but it just wasnt smooth as 8.

First of all the link in the article takes you to a page with white background that describes “update advisor” not “upgrade advisor”! Second tapping on the Get the App box does nothing whatsoever!!!! Lumia dual SIM on W8. You havve to go to the web page at microsoft blog and click it on the blue here link and then log in and then download.

Again it did not work on the store for me as it wouldnt even show up, thats the ipdateadvisor. No offence but microsoft need to make sure all these processes work and be very clear and consise in how to do it.

This is not a smooth upgrade at all! Agreed, looks to be another botched attempt if the variances in problems others are having getting the app means anything.

Fixed the guide: 1. Look at list, see your not very old phone is not supported 2. Curse MS and their failed mobile strategy 3. Throw away said phone or give it to charity 4. Buy and enjoy a new phone from the two big players and see the app gap resolve into total joy of being a valued customer and not only get the never updated app excuses or third party apps which break every other week.

Never look back. Which charity accepts Windows phones? Nexus 5x. This looks like the same thing as the insider app so what is the difference between them both???? Link to the app? I can’t find it in the store.

I wonder if i get here drive still? Insider is kind off beta, there won’t be much difference in appearance. Let us know how you get on please? My Naturally, right after I posted this, it moved on. Mine just finished. Took about an hour total. I also have the This page is for info only. I rolled back to 8. Icon said same thing. The is on the list, the Icon is not. But that doesn’t mean that the will get it today, or maybe ever since we are dealing with Verizon.

My on Telecel Mexico got it today – no issues. Aren’t the ,, the same device other than carrier specific radios? My wife’s is getting the update now. Probably a Verizon thingy going on,,damn you Verizon!! TM unlock Just go to sleep man. Too late already. Highly tempting Good thing I ended up buying an LXL. Thnk u Microsoft Let us know, is there bugs, how battery lasts and if hard reset is required. Do you actually need to get that upgrade advisor app? Had to google search the link from the phone to get the update insider I have wp8.

And then it tells me that w10m is available. BUT do you really need the upgrade advisor app first? Isn’t that what the upgrade advisor app is telling you to do anyways?

Or does it downloand and install some type of pre-upgrade update to allow the phone to actually get the upgrade? AA is just let your phone download and install update. What did you expect? This is Microsoft we are talking about. Can’t find update advisor. I guess there is no way to know which 8. Is Microsoft is a software gaint but coming into building mobiles, its becoming least in the fellow competators.

I don’t blame employees, its mismanagement by CEO, Managers There is no such thing as the “Final Build” when it comes to W10M. This is just the build that is deemed to be good enough to be sent out to WP8. How do we find update advisor Can’t find in store. Its not update advisor,but its upgrade advisor..

Search upgrade advisor instead of update advisor in store. That’s not going to happen. Gabe Aul pretty much confirmed this is the definitive list. Once again, Microsoft fails to deliver. The app says my phone is eligible L , but they’re still “working with my provider ATT ” to get the update. Same but I have 4 career. Same here but I got my from a normal electronics store and not from a carrier The download link is grayed out via the link provided.

Also not available via the store on my Lumia I am a Windows insider slow ring. Should I roll back to WP 8. Would it somehow affect improve phone’s performance? Tried both update and upgrade can’t find in store. If i upgrade can I attach a word document? It’s upgrade advisor not update advisor Any one updated lumia ? I’m waiting till I get the update on my Lumia Does anyone updated lumia RM ? Got it on my Lumia , next batch of windows 10 mobile for more older device will be available soon..

And currently it doesn’t work via Insider app either? I press the Get the app button, but it doesn’t do anything! How the hell did you guys install this? Edit: nvm, solved it. Put my browser in mobile site mode and voila. Gotta love the troubleshooting whenever Microsoft releases something.

Change browser to mobile mode! Damn i still can’t find upgrade advisor. Follow above link. I followed many of the links provided with end results being “You can’t get this app. This page is for info only” WTF, why so difficult!!! Yes my browser is set to “mobile”.

Access Windows Central’s website on your phone’s browser, go to the article that explains how to upgrade, there will be a link in the article that takes you to the store page to download the app. That no worky either but thanks anyways. Upgrade Advisor tells me yes, im eligible for Windows 10, but they are working with my phone operator and manufacturer to bring the upgrade soon, and I’ll see a notification when its ready I am getting the same thing why?

Updated to windows Now i cannot see camera, many of my apps and most importantly Microsoft store. Please help. Lumia xl. Waiting on att GO phone not updating yet. Your welcome buddy..

How old is this phone? Like four and a half years? And still getting the update. It works great on my lumia Rolled back a month ago from insider, because it is my daily driver and a lot of problems like crashes and screen refresh issues.

But after this upgrade and no hard reset everything seems to run well. Fast and stable, thanks msft! Still download w10m on my l :D. What are the next that will excluded before Redostone launch? You cannot use such thing to take decision like that. Even my phone had crappy performance without device reset. How many people really made a device reset at every update roll-outs before submitting performance and ux feedbacks?

I get on my lumia xl. Sumukh Phalle have u find the update advisor app! So was mine Will leave on it.. In data sense, wifi data looks increasing i. Updating is in progress.. Installation has been scheduled.. Hope at morning there will be windows 10 installed. Do I need to do this if I’m on the insider route? Or am o already there? If I am not “there” do I need to role back my to get “there”? The answer was in the previous article.

Waiting patiently for 10 for But feel free to put a rush to it. It’s not going to happen. I have the Lumia which I bought from Saturn in Germany so it is unlocked and there is no carrier “drama” attached to it. When I run the Upgrade Advisor it says that my phone is eligible but they are working with my mobile operator and phone manufacturer in order for me to get my upgrade. What mobile op since it doesn’t have any strings attached when I bought it plus I removed the sim.

Anybody has any idea how to bypass this? I am an insider with the preview build Just check for update ones more The easy way to move to Windows 10 is to install the Windows Insider app.

Select slow ring. After your phone restarts, go to settings and click on updates. I’m with Lumia wp 10 build. Screen turns off when making a call so i cannot end the call unless i turn the screen back on manually. In wp 8. On wp 10 double tap won’t wake up the phone, On wp 8. WP 10 – battery drains quicker than wp 8.

Will these devices get w10m? Why is it not available on my ? Does it depend on network as well? No : crap. I see but no upgrade advisor in store. Btw, Microsoft Maps does work a treat, same maps and voice navigation is great. My Kid brother has a , and his Upgrade app is saying the phone isnt legible for upgrade If it’s the Mb model he can’t get it yet.

Is the Lumia with FW Downloading now. Kind of excited to see what’s new since i rolled back to 8. I’m on a ATT also. Still waiting for the update. Do you need phone service to get the update?

I use Lumia and it is on the list. I tried to go to Store to get the Upgrade Advisot app, but I couldn’t find it. So I tried to scan the QR code above and get to the link to get the app, but when I tap on the “get app” button it says: You need Windows 10 to get this app. I have and i can’t find that app in WS. In the same boat like others have posted.

Planning on jumping on that Alcatel Idol 4 no matter what but it would be nice to get and experience the Windows 10 upgrade on the My phone XL and have wp10 insider build Is this build need update. Yep I’m suspecting that’s my issue since I can get to the page but it says “You can’t download this app.

This page is for info only”, not even going to bother if that’s the case. Useless info. Sent from Windows So going forward, for my , do in stay on slow or release preview at this point? I just did this in my lumia Which country?

I just tried updating my and it says there working with my manufacturer.. Carrier approval, it’s ready, the carriers need to stop schlepping around and get on it. Lumia updated – check! Wife’s Lumia updated – pending approval. So what’s about build who’s better? The UpdateAdvisor doesn’t show in store and there is no way I can download it. It says the page is just for info purpose. Get the app from the link in the article Sure I love the and used it for a long time despite the app gap but voice command on my phone with all fo the great MS apps and all the other apps out there make it that much better for now.

I keep my in my bag to play and I miss the interface in day to day use. Totally agree. Maps on W10M. Not missing Here one bit. This page is for information only” under the “Get the app” button. If I click the button, nothing happens. On Lumia , Three UK, using mobile browser non-desktop version. Any hints? Is it just not my time yet? Same here, another of MSs stellar rollouts, bright side is they are keeping it consent ;. Got the same problem Even have my browser set to website preference “mobile version” Also tried changing my region to US, did not work either Aaand the inconsistencies begin once again sigh!

Go to the store on your phone, search upgrade advisor, install it and run it. You will get it for sure. Whether you’ll get win 10 is a different matter which I can’t answer as I don’t remember whether is eligible for it. Not yet it’s an older phone so they might have to go through more testing. All the operating systems it went through though, Amber, Black, Cyan and Denim.

Dat feeling when your phone is not in the list Do you need the Upgrade Advisor app to get the upgrade, or could you just keep checking your phone’s update menu? The app is like the GWX app, use the app to request the update. What is the size of the update???

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