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You can run Outlook in safe mode to confirm if the problem is caused by add-ins. Follow these steps:. You can disable the add-ins to fix the problem. To do that, follow these steps:. If your Outlook data file has become large-sized, then it can create problems with your Outlook. You can do that in different ways. For instance, you can:. You can remove these files to fix the problem. Outlook allows the users to customize the navigation pane which is the leftmost pane in the main window. This situation can be very frustrating as the error usually pops up out of nowhere stopping you from launching Outlook.

Cannot open the Outlook Window. The set of folders cannot be opened. The attempt to log on to Microsoft Exchange has failed. Whenever you encounter the above-mentioned error the Outlook application will fail to open. Cannot open the Outlook window. However, we can say that it mostly occurs because of Outlook data file corruption or if the.

Other than the above-mentioned scenarios, it can also occur when you are running Outlook in Compatibility mode, or while using an Outlook profile that was created in an old version of Outlook. Other than this, incorrect installation of Outlook is one reason to encounter this error. The reason behind such corruption can be many like virus infection, system crash, the system is powered down without closing Outlook, or even power failure. In the next segment, you will get to know how to troubleshoot this error.

This will definitely help you in restoring Outlook, no matter what caused the error. Before following the below-mentioned solutions, it is recommended to take a backup of the Outlook data files. Do check this tool. Please ensure that you are running your system as an administrator. Also, you should close the Outlook application as the methods might not work if Outlook is running in the background. Follow the below-mentioned steps:. After running Outlook in safe mode if it starts to work fine without any error, then the issue is probably with the add-ins.

Restart Outlook in normal mode and test. Check if there are any pending updates for the Office application. I am very impressed with the solution described by you. Very helpful content written by you in this post. Now, I would like to recommend to others. This article is very simple and informative to fix such errors. I have very good experience with it. I have solved this issue by using start Outlook in safe mode method.

Thank you for providing such a great solution. I am impressed with the writing skill of writing of this article. I would like to share it in other social platform too. Great job done by Mr Himanshu in this article. Thank you for providing such an excellent solution. Your email address will not be published. Home Products Offers Contact. Himanshu Goyal Updated On – 22 Jul Johan Borglin says:.

October 1, at Marissa says:. June 12, at Zdenek says:. June 14, at CCPony says:. July 5, at Marina says:. July 24, at Alastair Coleman says:. August 22, at Rose bibber says:. September 24, at Rebecca says:. October 14, at Lucy says:. As the manager, your mail must be delivered to your mailbox on the Exchange server, not to a Personal Folders file. On the Tools menu, click Options , and then click the Delegates tab.

In the Type name or select from list box, enter the name of the delegate to whom you want to grant permissions. The permissions you select will apply to all of the delegates. Click Add , click OK , and then click a type of permission for each Outlook folder to which you want the delegate to have access. If you want your delegate to see items that you have marked private, select the Delegate can see my private items check box.

In this section:. Save a calendar as an iCalendar file. Publish a calendar to a Web server. Save a calendar as a Web page. Send your calendar via e-mail. Type a name for the iCalendar file in the File name text box. This should be an easy to recognize and meaningful name for you and your recipients. A summary of the calendar name, date range, and detail level appears next to More Options.

If you are satisfied with this summary, proceed to step 8, otherwise continue with step 4. From the Date Range list, choose the amount of calendar data to include in the iCalendar file, or click Specify dates to enter a custom date range. Note: If you choose a large date range or select Whole calendar , you might create a large iCalendar file.

From the Detail list, choose the amount of detail to show the recipients. By default, the Availability only option is selected. None of the options include your items marked private unless you change the privacy option in Advanced options. The existence of private items will be included, but no further information will be shared.

Include attachments within calendar items This option requires Detail to be set to Full Details. All attachments on calendar items, such as spreadsheets, are included. Note: This might increase the size of the iCalendar file significantly. If your calendar contains no items, a dialog box appears to provide you with a chance to cancel saving the iCalendar file.

You can publish and share your calendars with others by publishing them to a WebDAV server. This is useful if you want to share calendars and availability information with others, but do not use a software application such as Exchange.

In Calendar , in the Navigation Pane, right-click the calendar that you want to share. Next to Time Span , select the number of days for which you want to share your calendar. Next to Detail , click the arrow and choose the amount of detail to share. If you want, select the Show time within my working hours only check box to restrict shared details to your working hours specified in Outlook.

By default, this calendar will be periodically updated. To upload this calendar and then never provide updates, click Advanced , and then click Single Upload: Updates will not be uploaded. You can save a calendar as a Web page and then share it with others. For example, you might post a calendar with important project dates as a page on your company’s intranet, or your soccer team’s game schedule as a page on your personal Web site.

You can then easily refer others to the calendar by distributing its URL. When you save a calendar as a Web page, you can specify the start and end dates for the calendar, and whether to include appointment details that are entered in the text section of the appointment.

You can also add a background. If your Internet service provider ISP provides you with a Web site or a place to share files with the public, you can share your calendar as a Web page. Under Duration , enter a date in the Start date and End date boxes. Click the down arrow for a calendar. Under Options , you can choose to include details of your appointments or pick a background graphic for the Web page that you are creating.

Under Save As , in the Calendar title text box, type the name that you want to appear as the title of the Web page. For File name , browse to the location where you want to save the Web page and then type a file name. By default, the Web page opens in your Web browser after you click Save.

If you do not want to see the Web page, clear the Open saved Web page in browser check box. Note: In some Web browsers, such as Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, the page might not appear as it should because active content is blocked.

A copy of your calendar can be sent to anyone in an email message. The calendar is included as an attachment and also appears within the message body. You decide what dates are included and the amount of detail. Note: If you are using the Navigation Pane in Minimized view, in the Navigation Pane, click , click Navigation Pane , right-click the calendar that you want to share, and then click Send Calendar via E-mail.

In the Calendar list, choose the calendar to send. By default, the default Calendar is chosen. In the Date Range list, choose the amount of calendar data to include in your message, or click Specify dates to enter a custom date range. Note: If you choose a large date range or select Whole calendar , you might create a large message. In the Detail list, choose the amount of detail to show the recipients. Optionally, you can restrict the information included in the message to your working hours by selecting the Only show time within my working hours check box.

To change your working hours, click Set working hours. The existence of private items is included, but no further information is shared. E-mail Layout You can include your Daily schedule or a List of events. In the To box, enter the name of the person to whom you want to send the subscription information.



Fix “The Set of Folders Cannot be Opened” Error in Outlook , › fix-the-set-of-folders-cannot-be-opened. Your best bet to fix the Outlook set of folders cannot be opened error is to repair the corrupted PST file, so you don’t lose any data.


[6 Methods] Fix “Cannot Start Microsoft Outlook” Error

1 Turn off Compatibility Mode · 2 Start Outlook in Safe Mode · 3 Recover Navigation Pane configuration file · 4 Repair your Outlook PST file using an Inbox Repair. Fix error ‘cannot open Outlook window’ issue. If the error is caused due to a corrupt PST file, you can use an advanced PST repair tool to. In some cases, Outlook cannot start because it is set to run in compatibility mode. To fix the problem: 1. Right click at Microsoft Outlook shortcut and select.

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