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Problem With Run VMware Workstation 14 and its Player

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Hello and welcome back to the GNS3 section. I take it you just came from the Initial Setup article, if you missed that I would highly suggest you read it first before continuing.

There is also a very specific version of the VMware Workstation Player that I would like you to install as I have had various issues when running some of the newer software and integrating it with GNS3, so please ensure that you are running Now you simply have to fill in all the registration details, this will primarily just be things like your name, password, username and email address. The only thing left for you to do is to verify your account.

An email would have been sent from the VMware team with an activation link. From this mail, you will only need to click on the activate link inside the email and you will be prompted the verify your password, this will be the same password you used for the account registration.

Now you are successfully registered to the VMWare site and it is from here that you can download the VMWare Workstation Player version which we will be using, please click the link and install the download the setup files, as we are covering Windows please select the 64 bit version of Windows and wait for you download to finish.

Once you have downloaded and installed VMware Workstation Player you should see the below when running the application for the first time. Alternatively if you are struggling to download VIX from the VMware site I have copied the installation file into a GoogleDrive shared folder for you to download this from as well.

When the download is complete you will have a zip file w hich you just need to unzip into any folder, I tend to leave mine in the downloads folder which will give you a GNS3 VM.

OVA file. You can most likely just press next and the import process will begin. When the import is completed you will be able to see the new VM in the left-hand side of the window, we will not yet start the VM from VMware Workstation as we are going to integrate this into the GNS3 applicacation.

Firstly get back into the GNS3 application. On the next page you will find the local server settings, you do not need to make any tweeks here and can continue to the next page which will tell you if the connection to the local server is successful where we can still continue. NB: If you have a strong computer you are welcome to add additional vCPU cores and increase the RAM size, the more resources you can allocate to your VM the more network devices you can run at the same time on your virtual infrastructure.

Also very important, do not close the VMware application that is running the Virtual Machine if you close this you will need to restart the application in order to feed information from GNS3 again.

If everything is working and your server is starting with the green icon next to it then pat yourself on the back. You have accomplished a major stride in your journey to emulate network connectivity. In the upcoming article, I will show you have to import various software images as well as where to retrieve the software images as well. I hope this has been informative for you and that you learned something new! Why not check out the follow-up article which covers how to import a custom appliance into GNS3?

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Gns3 vmware workstation player 14 free download. Please wait while your request is being verified…

Where the vmware customization specific commands will store in a windows подробнее на этой странице Add a comment. Thanks you very much! Should I explain other people’s workststion answers? Skip to content. And then thank them for all their hard work in continuing to make GNS3 installation and operation smooth and well maintained. Virtual machine: Windows 8.


Gns3 vmware workstation player 14 free download.VMware Workstation Player

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