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If you’ve somehow never jumped on the Destiny train, you still have time to find and friend and become a Guardian pf the galaxy today. The newest entry in one of the most wholesome series ever made feels like the perfect game to play in self-isolation. Pick up sticks. Shake trees for fruit. Decorate your home. Then, when you go off home, you can send them a thank-you postcard.

The process for inviting friends is slightly convoluted — head to the island airport to get started — but it keeps unwanted randoms from joining your game. Friendly messages only, please. You each control a flat 2D character with the ability to cut pieces out of each other according to where you overlap.

By using this ability you have to get through levels and solve puzzlers. If it were playable on current-gen consoles, Portal 2 would likely top this list. The co-op campaign is a noticeable jump in difficulty from the already fiendish original. If one player jumps a split second early, or activates a button too late, the whole plan falls apart. It makes communication vital, and each puzzle all-the-more rewarding to solve.

Fortnite opens in new tab , PUBG and Apex Legends opens in new tab are all worthy contenders, but the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone opens in new tab is a fresh twist on the well-trodden formula. Plus, it supports complete crossplay between PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so you can squad up with your friends regardless of their platform of choice.

Apex Legends still has, arguably, a superior ping system for communicating without a headset, so if you want to play with randoms, it might be your best bet. Overcooked 2 opens in new tab sounds simple – prepare a bunch of meals as chefs within a certain time limit.

Well, not so much. While there are up to four of you playing, it starts to get tricky to keep track of the game’s various commands and stipulations, as well as avoiding various hazards and pitfalls in the kitchen itself. This can lead to some frantic play, and only the most cohesive of teams will get those dishes out on time. The levels are insane, the menus increasingly complex, and overall this is a mad, mad existence of a game.

But, hilarious fun too. Warning: may cause bickering among even the closest friends, partners and family members. Fortnite opens in new tab is a shining example of a game that gets more fun the more friends you have playing with you, and what’s even better is that its insanely popular Battle Royale mode is totally free. Weekly challenges keep things fresh so you have something new to do every week, and as each season comes and goes there are new updates thrown in and major map changes as the story subtly evolves.

Not only does playing with a handful of friends give you a better chance to fend of waves of husks or construct the ultimate base, those friends can also provide you valuable XP boosts and a better chance to nab some of Fortnite’s massive catalog of rare loot.

Yes, Minecraft opens in new tab gets everywhere but for good reason: its digital building block world has endless imagination-filled potential. You can team up with friends to build pointless structures, or grand engineering feats of construction.

Or you can just bounce about the place creating chaos and generally hanging out. It’s rare that a game is only playable in co-op, but that’s exactly what A Way Out opens in new tab does.

You’re two criminals trying to find a way out of prison and a step closer to redemption, but more importantly this is one story that you must experience together. And it’s the best co-op game we’ve ever played. It Takes Two is the latest game from the team that brought you A Way Out, and it’s another game specifically built to be played co-operatively. While many are purists when it comes to From Software’s masterful action RPG, refusing to summon help or forcing themselves to equip just underwear whilst wielding only an overgrown twig, Dark Souls is fantastic in co-op.

You can jump in with a friend, with a bit of planning, taking turns to help each other through each section. Even without friends, though, Dark Souls will have you forming bonds with silent strangers.

There’s an unwritten etiquette to the Souls games that sees people treating each other with respect, bowing to each other once summoned and waving each other off or cheering after a defeated boss. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of relief when a summoned co-op partner helps you finally beat Ornstein and Smough – the only thing that comes close is paying it back later, becoming the saviour in someone else’s story.

Adam said it best in our review : “It’s superb, populating an already haunted world with phantoms and memories, and providing an eventual gateway by which to become an all-but anonymous hero or villain. Spelunky is a moreish 2D platformer with roguelike elements that kicks your arse until it straightens your spine. Although the geometry might be constantly shifting with each frequent death, the rules that govern the enemy types remain constant. After a while, reflexes handle the enemies of The Mines – it’s like peeking into another dimension, but instead of losing your mind you become Neo.

Can you dodge bullets? Co-op changes the rules, making it perfect for seasoned players to team up. You might think things would be easier with more health and attack power, but stunning, whipping and blowing each other up will be a regular occurrence in the claustrophobic confines of the levels. More players only add more complication and four player co-op is chaos, creating more hilarious ways to fail.

Timing, as ever, is key. Now see if you can make it to Hell with friends. Diablo 3 is a beast of a game and it’s playable from start to finish with three friends. Not only is it absolutely huge, but there’s replayability in the different classes and combinations, not to mention the difficulty levels. On lower difficulties it’s kind of meditative – you just explore colourful environments bashing things as the world reacts to your destructive force and you pick up sweeter gear.

Like this, it’s one of the best social games around, requiring little in the way of planning while you chat to your friends and get on with bashing skeletons. Crank it up, though, and your party is in for a world of hurt if you’re not planning, talking about the fight and working together – providing buffs, healing and prioritising targets is essential to victory.

It’s easy to pick up, difficult to master and even harder to put down. Los Santos is a gorgeous playground, each bend in the road bringing you level with a postcard view – every angle feels scrutinised. Trace a route from the peak of Mt Chiliad, driving down through the dusty plains of the Grand Senora Desert, snaking by the hilltop mansions of Vinewood Hills, cruising on through the twinkling city itself and finally coming to stop at Vespucci Beach – all this, including the skies above and the sea beyond, is your online playground.

Grand Theft Auto Online is stuffed full of co-op scenarios, but the best experiences are found in the Heists. These multi-part missions ask you and three other players to take part in everything from the setup – casing the joint and grabbing getaway vehicles – all the way to the caper itself. While not all of them are literal heists, each one does an incredible job of making sure all four players are busy.

Everyone has their own job to do, sometimes all together, sometimes in pairs and sometimes alone. This, along with the randomness of the open-world’s systems, gives each one massive replay value. The only real downside is that you really need to play with three friends to get the most out of it. With each heist taking a couple of hours from setup to execution, it can be as difficult to organise as an actual heist.

Nobody knew how huge Minecraft would be when the alpha released in , but there were hints of it even from the first few hours, when the game’s initial players started building rudimentary shapes and sharing screenshots of what they’d created. Today, Minecraft is played by people of all ages. Part of its appeal, aside from its openness, is the social aspect. Whether helping your child stave off monsters as you build a fantasy land together or collaborating with a group of adults to make a working hard drive , there’s something for everyone.

You can even play it as an RPG, killing mobs with your co-op partner, levelling up and building equipment to grow stronger, with the eventual goal of taking on the final boss, the Ender Dragon. Minecraft is whatever you want it to be and you can play it all with friends. Panicking with friends can be sublime.

That shared fear and desperation, the yells and shrieks of people facing the same horde, each convinced they’re moments from being overwhelmed. In a sense, they already are. Horror games reach into your lizard brain and convince your amygdala that you’re in trouble. Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best, because it’s built around saving your friends from that state.

When the necrotic tongue of a Smoker comes grasping for your mate, you get to save the day with a well placed shot. When a Hunter pounces on your pal who’s straggling at the back, there you are with a punch and shotgun blast. When a Tank jumps right into the middle of your group That’s part of what makes triumph taste so sweet. You’re pulling together against an AI director that keeps you on your toes, sending in hordes when it thinks you can take them, but rarely throwing so much at you that it feels unfair.

Every level is an appropriately intense ordeal, where cries of frustration can quickly turn into tears of laughter. Ten years on, Valve are still the kings of co-op horror. Especially if you play Versus mode, and know the Hunter tearing into you is your mate Dave.

What happens when you take a single-player game about traversing intricate puzzle rooms with portals, and then double everything? It becomes twice as complicated and twice as satisfying. Portal 2 already expands on everything introduced in the bite-sized Portal, adding things like Excursion Funnels, Thermal Discouragement Beams, Propulsion Gel and other fancy sounding words, but the addition of another player changes things the most.

Four portals make each room more confusing to explore, especially when you consider both players need to reach the exit. In essence, many rooms require two solutions. Some puzzles require both thought and dexterity, and firing your friend across a chasm by moving a portal while they freefall through another eventually becomes as normal as walking.

There’s a lot of personality in the design of the two robotic protagonists, too – the Laurel and Hardy of shiny metal. When you’re working together, you’ll be high fiving each other’s metal hands and barking possible solutions through your headset.

If you’re not using chat, Valve were kind enough to provide lots of ways to communicate in-game, with players able to place markers and emote. Every puzzle solution is punctuated by a dance.

Portal 2’s co-op is an experience you can’t quite replicate, its systems a perfect balance of cooperation and friendly rivalry. Grab a friend and become the most stupid pair of geniuses around.

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It’s not enough if it’s a team-based competitive game, which is why you won’t see games like Counter-Strike or Dota in this list. They’re all great games, but they belong on a different list.

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