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Your computer must meet the minimum technical specifications outlined below to run and use Photoshop. Applicable adobe photoshop elements 6 user guide free. October release version The Photoshop hardware requirements for Processor and Graphics card and have increased for version Ensure your system still meets the minimum requirements listed below. If you experience any issues, see Known issues in Photoshop. System requirements for earlier releases. Photoshop system requirements earlier releases.

To find out if your computer supports Metal, see Mac computers that support Metal. Internet connection, Adobe ID, and acceptance of license agreement required to activate and use this product.

This product may integrate with or allow access to certain Adobe or third-party hosted services. Applications and Services may not be available in all countries or languages and may be subject to change or discontinuation without notice.

Additional fees or membership charges may apply. Your computer may need to meet uesr system requirements to work efficiently with Adobe Camera Raw. See Adobe Camera Raw System requirements for details. Buy Adobe Photoshop or start a Free Trial.

Legal Notices Online Privacy Policy. Http:// now. User Guide Cancel. Make it. Minimum and recommended system requirements for Photoshop. Language versions available for Photoshop. Windows and macOS. Photoshop is available in the following languages:.

System phltoshop for Adobe Camera Raw. More like this System requirements Adobe Camera Raw System requirements Photoshop on mobile Photoshop system requirements Earlier releases Older versions of Photoshop System requirements and supported languages. Sign in to your account. Sign in. Quick links View all your plans Usee your plans.

Photoshop will not install on a volume that uses adobe photoshop elements 6 user guide free case-sensitive file system.


Adobe photoshop elements 6 user guide free

Use this guide to know how Photoshop Elements can help you create, edit, organize and share images using creative features and more. Internet Explorer , or (for Help menus). Photoshop Elements manual (PDF). Find a PDF of articles to learn how to use Photoshop Elements.


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Position the pointer on the visible tool and With all tools except the move tool, annotation hold down the mouse button until the hidden tools, and the type tool, you can switch to precise Start your free trial. You can set Elements to sync your PC-based photos to storage space on Photoshop.


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Wonderful positive reinforcement! I also have ‘Photoshop Elements 6 – The Missing Manual’; which is an excellent supplement if I want to dig in to more complexity and detail for any given Elements editing feature. It’s what might be more likely referred to as a bible for P. But, for me, it’s too much to use as a starting point on its own. Get the Visual Quickstart guide if you too like more hand holding and baby steps when trying to learn software apps from a book.

It’s not a condescending ‘dummies’ approach. Just clear and easy to follow. Well written and easy to understand. This book will have you enjoying Photoshop Elements in very short order. I do believe this is the instruction manual that should have been packaged with the soft ware. I have used this series of books for a long time. I like the many graphics and simple explanations. It is easy to follow and gives you the information you need to use this program.

See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Really good book. Explains things clearly and explain why you have to do each thing not just do this or do that. I have also bought the book from the same series on lightroom. Page Painting Adobe Photoshop Basics Painting and drawing Painting Painting in Photoshop or ImageReady is as easy as choosing a color, selecting a tool, choosing a brush tip, and dragging in the image to paint.

The various painting tools are modeled after styles of traditional paint media. Page Drawing Shapes The shape tools let you draw crisp-edged shapes of various dimensions and colors. You can enter and preview type directly in an image, as well as specify a full range of formatting options. Type is automatically added to a new layer. In addition, you can apply special warp effects to the shape of type and make global edits to type layers. New capabilities include integrated vector-drawing tools to extend your creative range, expanded tools and features for Web-production tasks, and numerous interface enhancements to help you get to work quickly and use the Photoshop and ImageReady features more fully.

With these new tools, you can incorporate resolution-independent, vector-based graphics and type along with pixel-based images to achieve an unparalleled range of design effects. Layer styles Photoshop 6. Layer effects and styles update automatically as you edit your image and are particularly useful for designing type, buttons, and banners. To add effects to a layer, you simply check each one you want in the list and specify appropriate settings.

An image that includes solid colors, text, and photographic images, for example, looks best with different settings applied to different areas. Page Weighted Optimization ImageReady or Photoshop to compile the sliced pieces and update edits you make to the image. Now, when you select a tool in the toolbox, all the options that control its behavior are easily Options bar accessible in a context-sensitive options bar.

Now you can create hundreds of layers in an image to help arrange elements in an intricate composition. The new Character and Paragraph palettes make it easy to choose formatting options for your type.

Page 62 Photoshop even supports the next generation of Adobe composition engines, offering you a choice of the every-line and single-line composers. The every- line composer sets multiple lines of text in relation to each other to ensure optimal line breaks, while the single-line composer handles one line of text at a time. Page Preset Manager Photoshop 6. Once you load a library in the Preset Manager, it becomes available whenever its elements are used in Photoshop—in the options bar, the Styles palette, the Gradient Editor dialog box, Position the pointer on the visible tool and With all tools except the move tool, annotation hold down the mouse button until the hidden tools, and the type tool, you can switch to precise A list of open The window controls let you change the screen windows appears in the Window menu.

Page 76 In Photoshop, you can also use the Navigator For more information on choosing colors, palette to quickly change the view of an image. To view another area of an image: Click OK. When the image has Select the zoom tool. For Use, choose History, and click OK. Older states are automatically deleted to free more memory for Photoshop. Using the Photoshop Undo command lets you undo only one step and The Snapshot command lets you make a state.

Double-click the snapshot and enter a name. The measure tool calculates the distance between any two points in the work area. When you Do one of the following Page 93 Web or other ImageReady. Otherwise, it will be lost if you create a Page Setting Preferences Numerous program settings are stored in Adobe To rename presets contained in a library: Photoshop 6 Prefs. Adobe Photoshop 6 Settings folder. Page Getting Images Into Chapter 2: Getting Images into Photoshop and ImageReady ou can get digital images from a variety of Bitmap images are the most common electronic sources—you can create new images, medium for continuous-tone images, such as import them from another graphics appli- photographs or digital paintings, because they can cation, or capture them using a digital camera.

In Photoshop, an image with a low resolution. Image resolution thus becomes a produce different results when you resize an compromise between image quality capturing all image. Page CHAPTER 2 Getting Images into Photoshop and ImageReady If you turn on resampling for the image, you can To maintain the current proportions of image change print dimensions and resolution indepen- width to image height, select Constrain Propor- dently and change the total number of pixels in tions.

Systems Incorporated. If you have problems with scanning, make sure that you are using the latest For Screen, enter the screen frequency for the version of the appropriate scanner driver. Adobe Acrobat. Page Placing Files Constrain Proportions. By default, these options represent scale as a Open the Photoshop image into which you percentage; Saturation repre- they are also called additive colors. Each pair of subtractive the three channels translate to 24 8 x 3 bits of colors creates an additive color, and vice versa.

When vary, depending on the printing conditions. Common values for bit Every Adobe Photoshop image has one or more depth range from 1 to 64 bits per pixel. In addition, only the Page Converting To Indexed Color Photoshop CHAPTER 3 Working with Color Converting to indexed color Applying colors Photoshop Once you have set up the color mode for an image, you can specify a foreground and background Converting to indexed color reduces the color by using the eyedropper tool, the Color number of colors in the image to at most — For example, a variety of color standards set by clients and RGB spaces can exist among scanners and designers, viewing and editing color monitors, and a variety of CMYK spaces can exist consistently becomes critical, all the way from among printing presses.

These settings can also serve as starting the Color Settings dialog box. The working spaces Photoshop 4. For a newly created document, the color another action.

Frequent worriers and travelers, prepare to be amazed. You can set Elements to sync your PC-based photos to storage space on Photoshop. See Online Syncing and Backups for more about how to use this nifty feature.

Access your photos from other computers. Download lots of extra goodies. In Elements 7, the Content palette Online Albums displays thumbnails for additional backgrounds, frames, graphics, and so on, that you can download right from Photoshop.

Get lots of great free advice. Install the Photoshop Inspiration Browser Photoshop Inspiration Browser , and you can choose from a whole range of helpful tutorials for all sorts of Elements tasks and projects. The bad news is that for Elements 7, the Photoshop. Adobe says it plans to expand this offering worldwide later on.

To sign up for a free account:. In the window that opens, fill in your information to create your Adobe ID. When you click Create Account, you get a message if the Web address you chose is already in use. Finally, for security purposes you need to enter the text you see in a box on the sign-up screen. Click the Create Account button. Adobe tells you if it finds any errors in what you submitted, giving you a chance to go back and fix them. You need to click the link within 24 hours of creating your account, or you may have to start the whole process all over again.

Once you have an account, you can get to it from the left side of the Welcome screen, as shown in Figure You can also click Sign In at the top of the Editor or Organizer. A free Photoshop. However, you can also upgrade to a paid account called Plus , which gives you more of everything: more template designs for Online Albums, more downloads from the Content palette, more tutorials, and more storage space: 20 to GB depending on what level membership you choose.

Once you sign into your account, you get logged in automatically every time you start Elements. Both services actually do the same thing; Adobe is simply changing the name. If you forget your personalized Photoshop. In addition to the Organizer, the Editor is the other main component of Elements Figure This is the fun part of Elements, where you get to edit, adjust, transform, and generally glamorize your photos, and where you can create original artwork from scratch with the drawing tools and shapes.

You can operate the Editor in any of three different modes:. Quick Fix. For many beginners, Quick Fix Figure ends up as your main workspace. Adobe has gathered together the basic tools you need to improve most photos. Guided Edit, described below, is the other. Chapter 4 gives you all the details on using Quick Fix. Full Edit. Most of the Quick Fix commands are also available via menus in the Full Edit window. Guided Edit. Basically, it provides a step-by-step walkthrough for popular projects such as cropping your photos, and removing blemishes from them.

Like Quick Fix, Guided Edit offers a before-and-after view of your photo as you work on it. Guided Edit is explained on Getting Help. The rest of this chapter covers some of the basic concepts and key tools in the Editor. To get rid of the lock and free up your image for Organizer projects, go back to the Editor and close the photo there. Elements gives you an amazing array of tools to use when working on your photo.

You get almost two dozen primary tools to help select, paint on, and otherwise manipulate photos, and many of the tools have as many as six subtools hiding beneath them see Figure Lots of the menus are grayed out if you have no file opened. The long, skinny strip on the left side of the Full Edit window is the main Elements Toolbox, as you can see in Figure It stays perfectly organized so that you can always find what you want without ever having to lift a finger to tidy it.

To activate a tool, click it. Any tool that you select comes with its own collection of options, as shown in Figure Incidentally, your screen size determines the number of columns in the Toolbox. In Elements 7, if you meet the minimum screen size requirements, then you start with a single column Toolbox, but if you reduce the height of the Elements window too much, then it becomes a double columned one. The accompanying DVD provides extensive support with movie tutorials for all projects, high resolution images, multilayered files of completed projects, a stock library and a keyboard shortcut guide.

Mark Galer is a freelance photographer, accomplished lecturer and best-selling author of number books on photography. You can read the intro below. This is a full tutorial on how to work with Photomerge, a greatly improved feature in Elements version 6. This sample chapter will also show you the expertise Mark Galer has when it comes to teaching advanced and powerful tips and tricks to the new user.

Photomerge is now capable of aligning and blending images without any signs of struggle – banding in smooth areas of tone. The fully revised Photomerge feature first made its appearance with CS3 but the maths seems to have got even better with the release of Elements 6 and the stitching is so clever it will really have you amazed at the quality that can be achieved inside this budget program.

The results will now truly be seamless – an excellent way of widening your horizons or turning your humble compact into a megapixel blockbuster.

The Photomerge feature in previous versions of Photoshop Elements and the full version for that matter left a lot to be desired. All of the flaws and weaknesses of the original feature are now gone with the release of Elements 6. This tutorial is an extract from Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.

Yes, some of the screen shots are muddy washed out. Considering the topic of the book, you would expect better visual presentation. When visually compared to the VTM book referenced above, this book falls well short. The content of the two books is widely different. VTM is really for the advanced photographer working in a Production environment.

General content and step-by-step instructions in the Missing Manual are excellent. I have been able to recreate the sample exercises – they cover every click of every step.

It is possible to open to any chapter to brush-up or practice. Some of the smaller dialogue surrounding file formats and alternatives to the crop tool deserve more emphasis. You will need to read deeply to find these gems. Again, the content is excellent.

If the publisher had taken the time to improve the binding and the graphics this book could have been a solid 5 Stars. For me, this manual was of the essence. I could do almost nothing until I got it. This particular program “Photoshop Elements 6” is very complex and has a lot of tools and options for the tools. Personally, I would recommend that people who, like me, have no experience on this kind of software, waste no time trying to figure out the program for themselves.

It’s a lot better to get a book like this, or some other kind of guide, and then use their time constructively learning the many things that the program does. And keep it handy, you’ll need it every time you attempt to do anything. The book is great; it explains things clearly, has very good illustrations. Whenever I need to do something with the program, I always look up the chapter on the book and then go and follow the instructions.

As I said, for me, the program, without some guide, is useless. Much more convenient to have the book by your side as you work on your computer, than having to switch back and forth with the free guide. Though, if you do not have other book, you should absolutely use the HTML guide; it will help you tremendously, and is free. So, there are no excuses not to use some qualified guidance.

This book is so frustrating! All I am trying to do right now is draw an arrow on a picture to point out a small flaw in a product that I am selling. This procedure is supposedly explained in the Line Tool section on pages , except that the book does not tell us how to access the Shape Options which is needed to add the arrowhead.

Neither does the Line Tool section tell us that to draw a straight line, hold down the shift key as you draw. I learned how to draw my arrow by doing a Google search for the instructions. This is not the first time I have been let down by this book. It is not well written. It frustrates much more than it teaches. So, I figured out the arrow; now, if I can just figure out why I spent so much money on this book! BrianL Top Contributor: Photography.

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