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Install Apache Spark on Windows | Spark Setup for Beginners

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This post is to help people to install and run Apache Spark in a computer with window 10 it may also help for prior versions of Windows or even Linux and Mac OS systems , and want to try out and learn how to interact with the engine without spend too many resources. If you really want to build a serious prototype, I strongly recommend to install one of the virtual machines I mentioned in this post a couple of years ago: Hadoop self-learning with pre-configured Virtual Machines or to spend some money in a Hadoop distribution on the cloud.

The new version of these VMs come with Spark ready to use. Apache Spark is making a lot of noise in the IT world as a general engine for large-scale data processing, able to run programs up to x faster than Hadoop MapReduce, thanks to its in-memory computing capabilities.

Spark runs on Hadoop, Mesos, in the cloud or as standalone. The latest is the case of this post. We are going to install Spark 1. For any application that uses the Java Virtual Machine is always recommended to install the appropriate java version.

In this case I just updated my java version as follows:. Download from here. Then execute the installer. Select any of the prebuilt version from here. As we are not going to use Hadoop it make no difference the version you choose. I downloaded the following one:. Feel free also to download the source code and make your own build if you feel comfortable with it. This was the critical point for me, because I downloaded one version and did not work until I realized that there are bits and bits versions of this file.

Here you can find them accordingly:. In order to make my trip still longer, I had to install Git to be able to download the bits winutils. If you know another link where we can found this file you can share it with us. I struggled a little bit with this issue.

After I set everything I tried to run the spark-shell from the command line and I was getting an error, which was hard to debug.

If not you can created by yourself and set the permissions for it. In theory you can do it with the advanced sharing options of the sharing tab in the properties of the folder, but I did it in this way from the command line using winutils:.

Please be aware that you need to adjust the path of the winutils. We are finally done and could start the spark-shell which is an interactive way to analyze data using Scala or Python.

In this way we are going also to test our Spark installation. In the same command prompt go to the Spark folder and type the following command to run the Scala shell:. You are going to receive several warnings and information in the shell because we have not set different configuration options.

By now just ignore them. After the RDD is created, the second command just counts the number of items inside:. Hope you can follow my explanation and be able to run this simple example.

I wish you a lot of fun with Apache Spark. Why does starting spark-shell fail with NullPointerException on Windows? Apache Spark checkpoint issue on windows. Configure Standalone Spark on Windows I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bits. I downloaded the winutils. Pingback: spark installation in windows by hernandezpaul.

Hi Paul, The winutils issue was my headache. Please try to do the following: — Copy the content of the whole library and try again. I did it with Windows Server 64 bits but it should work also for Windows Kind Regards, Paul. I downloaded whole the library and seems fine! Only appears some warning, but the program now is running. Pingback: Getting Started with Spark on Windows 10 abgoswam’s tech blog. I was hit by the same error hidden in many lines of warnings, exceptions, etc.

Your post saved my day. Thank You. Thanks a ton for this amazing post. However I am facing a problem which I cannot resolve. It would be great if you could help me out with it. I also tried without the complete path i. Hi Joyishu, please open a command shell and navigate to the spark directory i. Start the Scala Shell without leaving this directory. Last but not least you can find more information about the textFile funciton here: Spark Programming Guide.

I did exactly the same but the error still persists. If you could please share your email, I can mail you the screenshot. Thanks again for all the help. Maybe this will help: The winutils should explicitly be inside a bin folder inside the Hadoop Home folder.

Great tutorial. Thirdly, the winutils should explicitly be inside a bin folder inside the Hadoop Home folder. Can you please elaborate how it affects the spark functionality? I am very pissed with this point why it cant be downloaded in some other folder. Hi Vishal, white spaces cause errors when the application try to build path from system or internal variables. Try to discuss it with your system administrator or you may use another drive, i.

Best regards, Paul. Hi Paul, Thanks it resolved the problem now. Pingback: Pro test] windows 10 under the installation of spark – Soso Blog knowledge share. The post was helpful to me in troubleshooting my setup, especially running the winutils part to setup hive directory permissions. Pingback: Spark on Windows 7 — Data Adventures. The blog has helped me lot with all installation while errors occurred but still facing an problem while installing spark on windows while launching spark-shell.

Ensure you dont have multiple JAR versions of the same plugin in the classpath. You may check the locations mentioned in the error for duplicate jar files and delete one of them. Hi Vishal, Thanks a tons for reply..! The solution eliminated all warnings for duplication but added new error :Hive: Failed to access metastore. This class should not accessed in runtime. HiveException: java. RuntimeException: Unable to instantiate org.

To adjust logging level use sc. I think you have built your session using SBT and you have added the hive dependencies in it. So that means you have not installed the full fledged version of hive. It will only download few dependent jars and get the job done. This is very similar to installation on windows 7, whic is OS that I am running. I could not locate any hive-site. Can you help me out with this? Whare can i locate that file. Else, how can I do it pro grammatically?

Hello, when i press spark-shell i get errors and one of them is this. I have tried it to 2 PCs and i get the same errors. Hi Nikolaos, I would have a look at your winutils. I am sure one of your environment variables are not correctly set.

Kind regards, Paul. Hi Paul, Firstly, thanks for the detailed blog post. I did exactly what was specified in the instruction. I checked the environment variables and they all seem to be in order.

Can you help? Never mind. I figured out the problem was with Java installation location. I changed the installation directory from program files to some other directory without spaces and all seem to work fine then.



Download apache spark for windows 10 64 bit.How to install Apache Spark on Windows 10

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Step 8 : To install Apache Spark, Java should be installed on your computer. Step 7: Create a folder called winutils in C drive and create a folder called bin bluestacks for windows 10 32. Step 6. To check, you can type the command dowlnoad and hit enter: java -version It will display the installed java version on your PC. The factthat Slark or SQL-like queries on all types of data, ran thus, all the developers Brought on board, so download apache spark for windows 10 64 bit with classical relational databases have worked – it would presumably silently make up a Considerable proportion.


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