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This is so exciting. Although, I assume the Antarctica birds will need to be a mini expansion compared to the others. Either way, looking forward to them all! I have two questions. Second, the End-of-Round Goal tiles have a few different symbols on them. When regarding EoR Goals, should that symbol simply refer to all birds in general, as the Appendix seems to suggest? We originally took it as only Flocking birds.

Thank you so much! Absolutely in love with this game and so excited to be soon acquiring the expansions! The player or players with the fewest among all other players including zero , would get the benefit of those powers. Definitely follow the appendix to interpret EoR goal tiles. The flocking symbol has a slight variation symbol on top of symbol , but I understand the confusion. I have a question about the greater flamingo. In the rulebook it says the bird is a round end card.

Is this an error and should the greater flamingo really be a teal card? No clues! Thanks for your interest! Just filled out the request. Thank you for the quick response. We absolutely LOVE this beautiful, well thought out game.

May I please buy a new cardboard of food pieces? My nephew spilled his drink onto the food supply of my brand new Christmas game! Happy to pay for the card and shipping. Oh no! Loving this game, would love SM look into a southern African edition.

I grew up over in South Africa and the birds are Amazing. Egg Action question: Twice recently we confronted this issue with slightly different circumstances. Do you HAVE to get all the eggs when you take the lay eggs action? Last move of the round, my partner wanted eggs, two rows were nearly full 3 empty spots and the third row he wanted to leave empty so he could use his blue power for eggs there lay one egg on each bird in a row with no eggs. So he wanted 3 eggs, not 4. Did he have to take 4 since he actually DID have room?

I apologized if this has been answered before. This question concerns rerolling and specifically if you can reroll and then choose not to gain food. They just then decided not to. Is this correct?

Thanks Dave. Thank you Jamey! We are playing with the Oceania expansion today for the first time on this snowy, cold day in Georgia. And yes, for these types of birds in the circumstances you described, you may first reset the birdfeeder.

I love this game and would give it as a gift to my 90 year old serious birder Mom. Is there a large print edition?

The type is too small for her. A large-print edition would require larger cards, which would also require an extensive graphic design effort for every card, as well as larger playmats and thus also a larger box. We try to keep the gameplay text on all cards in our games at 10pt font or bigger, but I understand that does not work for everyone.

Thanks for your feedback! Each card on your player mat is a bird. Thanks for the swift reply! On the card for end of round points, the two same symbols are shown with different points next to them for each round. For the first round, you get two points f. How are these points applied? Thanks Faye! I see. You only score points for them as indicated by the goal mat.

You could post them in the Wingspan Facebook group group. We got Wingspan from an online store. I wonder if we received a fake copy or an older edition? Hey guys! I played it well over 30 times including digital version , and I like how this game has basically 4 actions to choose from but complexity ramps up drastically as you populating your player mat.

However, while the game went well, we stumbled upon a minor issue. We were playing non-English version and I first thought it might be an issue with localization process, but I asked American friend to check this card — and yeah, English version has the same issue.

That icon should be a food die, as the meaning is the same: Gain 1 food from the birdfeeder, removing the die as you select it. Thanks for playing! It could be! It just depends on a few factors, regardless of age. Having a good teacher or a healthy dose of perseverance can help the learning process plus some teaching videos on YouTube can be invaluable.

It also helps to have an interest in the theme. For the age group you mention, there may be one other consideration. If a potential player owns reading glasses, those glasses will probably be handy when playing Wingspan. Happy gaming! You could think about version Wingspan for older people. With bigger font of text, maybe bigger cards little bit… For example my mother. She loves birds and nature, she like visual of game. Some games have 2 versions, for example favourite world game Code names.

Classic and XXL. Thanks Jiri! The challenge with Wingspan is that the size of the cards are constrained by the ability to fit on the player mat which is constrained by the size of the box. It would require a massive amount of graphic design work to resize everything, not to mention basically starting over for most of the pre-production aspects.

Or blank cards so that I could add in some of my own favourites that may have been missed in the original game, such as the snow goose, frigatebird, king eider or scarlet tanager…. Thanks Isabelle! Got the game and only had 70 eggs in the box, not 75 as it says on the components list…still playing but annoying. We love this game! I have not yet played the game, but I have a bird enthusiast homeschooling child…curious to know if there are suggestions to adapt the game for cooperative rather than competitive play.

It looks beautiful and detailed and I would love to incorporate it into our home, but nobody here likes to lose :. I think there are a few fan-made cooperative variants mentioned on BoardGameGeek and the Wingspan Facebook group, but the core of the game is a very friendly competitive game. Try this link for a cooperative variant.

We have just started to learn this game and have reached what seems like an impasse. If a player chooses to play the brown-headed cowbird in the first column which has a zero egg limit , then wants to lay eggs on a subsequent turn, there will be no bird card on which to place those eggs.

And without a card to place laid eggs, no means exists to gain eggs for future use in playing a new bird card. You may be making a common mistake.

Activating a habitat does not cost any eggs. You only pay the egg cost shown above the columns when playing a new bird into that column. There also is a cooperative mode included in the Oceania expansion — the players vs the automatic opponent, where you play as a team of bird enthusiasts against a destructive bird photographer.

The variant is called Automarazzi. You can play this even without the Oceania components. The rules are in the Automa rulebook for Oceania. How do I do this? Hi, My wife bought Wingspan for Christmas. Immediately all of the family got hooked and now we all love the game. Bought the European exp yesterday as well. Will there be a Swedish Oceania exp, and if so, when will it be released?

Is it possible to play the English Oceania exp with the rest of the boxes in Swedish? We received this game last night for Christmas. We were excited to play and it did not disappoint! We were sad though, that 2 of the plastic little token boxes were broke. Is there a way to get them replaced? Thanks Jodi! Hi there! Very much enjoy the game.

Have the original and both the European and Oceania expansion…lots of player boards now and of course a fabulous number of cards. Wondering if in the future you were considering a big box…I am currently using a box from an older decommissioned game to keep everything in the one box. Thanks Jeff!

Is there any plans on doing a South-America expansion? Imagine all those Amazonian bird cards, it would be soo awesome hahah. Hi, we are in Manitoba Canada. Are the birds relevant to us? Gerry: There are a couple of ways to answer that question. The other answer is that I think the birds in Wingspan are relevant anywhere you are. Can I purchase another set of eggs? We lay so many eggs, we run out. The game is beautiful, engrossing, fun for the entire family. Thanks Jan!

Each expansion adds a number of birds from a different continent—the first expansion we made is the European expansion. This is a very beautiful game. One recommendation to make it even more educational: put a QR code on each bird card so that people can learn more about them! You have the perfect opportunity to get the younger generation to enjoy birdwatching! I am thinking that sometimes I might want to get back to the original mechanics without un-shuffling the expansion cards from the pack.

In the french version guide, one guide mention birds. What is the name of the 6 birds missing? Think it would be neat to have a small expansion pack for the base game that is made up of heritage breed chickens. Some like the 10 card starter expansion pack. Just cards.

I know the game is about wild birds, but it would be a Christmas just for fun thing. I have several relatives who keep chickens who would love it. There are actually only 4 swift-start guides, so nothing is missing. The fifth player needs to learn and teach the game. Hello, my family and I love Wingspan and have all the expansions physical not digital. I saw a prior comment regarding playing with extra players and I was curious if there will ever be an expansion for a 6th player. My family is on the larger side so it would be nice to have another member play with us.

Seeing as how other games have expansions to include extra players such as Scythe I was hoping this would be on the menu. It could either be included into a future expansion with various birds and gameplay additions or sold as just a board or boards to cover for base and Oceania and 8 cubes for the sixth player.

While I am not well versed in how much the latter would cost I feel it would not be too expensive. Or if it makes more fiscal sense then add a 7th as well but I am sure others would love to see at least a 6th player expansion. Maybe future expansions could have a 6th player extension as well! Thanks, and excited for future additions! I appreciate your curiosity, Kyle. It just flies by. I have never felt like the game overstayed its welcome. Hello, I have one of the first print of game English version and I understand some of the cards are revised and you introduced a correction pack.

How I can get this pack. On your Loggerhead Shrike card, can you share the exact text on that card here? I have this game on PC, and real life of course, is the European and Oceania coming out on steam without the need for tabletopia? And if yes timeframe? Monster Couch is the publisher of Wingspan Digital, and as far as I know, they are working to add the expansions to it.

The base game specifies that brown powers are always optional however the rules do not address if the teal and yellow bird powers are optional as well. Are all bird powers optional? This is a question for the devs maybe. Will there be digital versions of expansions for Wingspan like European and Oceanic? Love the game, by the way, bought the physical version also.

Is there any way to just buy the set of cards? My husband and I have played hundreds of Wingspan games. It is our favorite. He had an interesting thought of a predator bird — one that steals or destroys something directly from the board of another player. Had to share! Every thought of making an Australian bird version.

I have to say we have the best birds….. You do have amazing birds, and we have thought about making an expansion for Australia and New Zealand…in fact, we already have! But Elizabeth is going to focus on the continents first, and then think about other ideas.

Round categories: we have created extras since we play often. Certainly you guys have tons of ideas for these on the future expansions. Help me please … I keep getting a glitch in the digital game whereby the player before me seems to be running their clock down, and when their clock gets to zero I get crashed out, then when I log back in I get a message that I ran out of time, I was the first to leave the game, and I will lose 5 karma points as a result.

Sometimes this saves my bacon, but its painful an unreliable. Great game! Any chance you can post the digital soundtrack for us to have playing in the background for tabletop play? The publisher for the digital game is Monster Couch. Feel free to ask them about the soundtrack! Yes, was referring to the soundtrack for the digital versions. Best wishes! Hello, our Foreign Exchange Student from France loves this game and is looking for a French version for her family back home. Does that exist?

If so where could we purchase it? It does indeed! The French version is sold by a company called Matagot I think they have a webstore where they sell it. Hello, we love Wingspan! We have all the available expansions and that gives us more than enough bird cards but we feel like we could use a bonus card expansion pack. Have you thought of creating an extra bonus card pack? Thank you for considering! Thanks Heather! This is good feedback. And only triggering those abilities when played not on an ongoing basis?

In total across the core game and the two expansions, there are 36 bonus cards. We are eagerly awaiting the third; is it available? I love Wingspan and am more of a birder than boarder. My granddaughter is learning Spanish. Will you ever offer Wingspan Spanish — Envergadura?? Wingspan is available in 30 languages, but we only make and sell the English version.

You can buy the Spanish version from a publisher called Maldito. I love this game and play it all the time; I cannot wait for another expansion. We just opened our copy last night and absolutely loved playing this game. We noticed our Round Goals card was damaged, and the appendix recommended we visit this site. How do we go about requesting a replacement? Do any of the expansions allow you to have more than 5 players?

We love this game but have 3 couples for our game nights so someone is left out of this game. Hey guys, just wondering if you are planning to release an Oceania Expansion in portuguese soon? By the way, Stonemeyer san, do you have any plans to release a video collection of the birds of Wingspan?

People in North America may not feel the need for videos at the moment, as many of the birds can be seen in their backyards, but I am Japanese living in Japan, I would be very happy to see videos of these rare birds. It makes me feel very close to the real, living birds.

There are many serious documentaries about the harsh competition for survival, but there are few videos that simply show the loveliness of birds, and few that are comprehensive. I would love to see a collection of images released in collaboration with Wingspan. In fact, I found and watched only a few different videos of North American birds that appear in Wingspan, and they made me feel very close to them, which I had never seen before. I became much more attached to them than I had ever been before, and we started buying birds item and making donations.

Thanks for sharing this idea! They have all sorts of info on N American birds, including songs, videos, etc. They also have apps ebird, Merlin, etc , some of which have videos available. But cockaded is also defined as a ornament — I was really looking for body part although, admittedly, the naming of this bird is for a small red patch, not really a body part. Itm, my wife and I absolutely love this game and have the same feelings as Brady below.

This game is my life. And I just pulled the trigger on the Switch digital version. Hoping that the expansions come to the digital version. Any timetable? Love all things Wingspan! Thanks Brady! Wingspan is an aboslute gem of a game!

Each expansion comes with the same size trayz, when what would be needed is more like having an expansion ring trayz that would fit between the original bottom and cover parts. We were wondering: can you use the trade 2 wild tokens action in play a bird not for that bird?

I was hoping to be able to use my bird play round to trade tokens not for that bird. I have a couple of questions: 1. When you have a yellow power that uses food such as laying a bird at the end of the game , is it correct that you cannot use nectars for that bird, as the nectars would have gone away at the end of round 4 before you do your yellow powers unless you get the nectars through another yellow power?

If you cache a nectar on a bird via blue powers or a combination play such as I mention in Q1 , do you count a point for that cached food AND put it into your nectars on the board? Only spent nectar is eligible for special nectar scoring. If you have further Wingspan Oceania questions, could you post them here? Hi Jamey and Joe, are you guys considering selling those nice upgraded components on the webshop?

Like the wooden resources seen in the nesting box. Being from Belgium, Europe, the thrustworthy shipping options are scarce.

Are there no such companies in Europe? You are absolutely right about that. But I thought you maybe had a partnership or something with a specific manufacturer and thus could offer those bits on your webshop.

But maybe someone in this forum could give me some tips which sites and webshops have good shipping and are thrustworthy. Hello stonemaier games! I would first like to say as an apprentice falconer and avid bird person, I am a huge fan of wingspan. I would like to ask about any future expansions by chance? Thanks for the quick response on my prior question… i have another for you. This one regarding the Ethologist and Behaviorist bonus cards. Do we include them in the count on these bonus cards?

So if I understand this correctly, birds with no power still count as a bird with power because its a white power color. They are just gifted birdies that are not activated during the turns. Hi DT! Hi, have you considered making a calendar using the artwork from Wingspan?

So many birds to choose from, you could make produce calendars for years without repeating a bird. Hi, thanks for a beutiful game! I was wondering when the expansions are released translated into Swedish? If there are plans of that at all that is.. Thanks for asking, Martin! Can you please ask our publishing partner in Sweden, Asmodee? That company, Stonemaier Games, has now sold 1. Hi and thanks a lot for this wonderful game!

I am truly fond of birds and having the possibility to play with them when not birding is really appreciated. Plus, I am thus able to make my family and friends love birds too : No precise idea on future birds what about south east Asia! By the way, I am loving the nectar concept, it adds sooo much to the game. Automa is still beating me three games to one but never give up!

I have a question about the photographer bonus card. Does the Bald Eagle qualify for this bonus? I think parallel logic should apply to the bald eagle with regards to color. Hi, Love the game, of course. Make Replay an actual replay by repeating the round goals and card orders.

It may be just me, but I frequently hit the next button with the wrong food assigned. I would be surprised if you had the time for changes like this, but if you have nothing better to do: Oh, another thing, some sort of action aspect would be nice. How about a skeet shooting range or chasing down the worms? Hi Scott! You might be intending to send a message to Monster Couch, the company that adapted Wingspan into a digital form.

Got the UK version from a friend in Cambridge. Anyone know why this happened? If you check out the FAQ on our website, you can see more information on that. Are they all unique, which means I just remove the doubles? Thanks for the help! And when you find out which cards are duplicates, throw them away! That way no one will ever be confused in the future.

Could you please tell me which cards are in the update pack? It is taking me ages to go though the birds and find the doubles. It is like playing the hardest memory game ever! The whole update pack is available to download in the Wingspan folder of our Rules folder.

Launched in to massive critical acclaim, Wingspan is a set-collection and engine-building […]. Hey, I have a question! I have huge passion on this game and i am so urge to know when expansion come out. I will get it. Can you please share you thoughts on idea of using 6 dice 3 from base and 3 from OE for the games with all expansions?

Absolutely love playing this game. We recently purchased the Oceania expansion and its even more fun. Only problem is we got a torn Australasian Pipit in the box. Any way we can get this replaced? Thanks for an awesome board game:.

The illustrations are […]. Check out the Game Overview. Want to know what we think of this game — keep reading […]. Quick question regarding the Greater Flamingo. My mom and I are Wingspan enthusiasts and play it almost every day to the point where our bird tower fell apart on us and we had to get a new one!

For each action cube on their water, tuck a card behind this bird. Would you mind clarifying this for us? Thanks Corinne! I appreciate you typing out the ability for your question. You are correct—the person who plays this card cannot choose themselves. Can you play a bird that is play a 2nd bird in the habitat, that 2nd bird is also pay 2nd Bird, so can you play a 3rd Bird in a turn.

Assuming you had food and eggs of course. I assume you chain them and play 3 birds, was that the intention? Only limit it to 2 birds a turn. Maybe connected to desert birds, where food is scarce.

You must lay an egg on this bird. The farmer — all poultry ducks, chickens, gees, Guinee fowl, ostriches, Turkeys, etc.

An expensive bird of course.. Keep on the good work! In the game, players have cards that represent different birds. You have to place the bird in its proper habitat, but you need to pay the food cost as listed on the card.

Players also lay eggs and gather food as they play. I love Wingspan and played it almost non-stop for weeks on end with my wife.

So, the winner of the Top Table […]. Is this an official indian release of wingspan in Hindi? If you activate a bird that has the power to move between habitats, does the action cube follow it to the new habitat, or does it stay in the habitat where you started.

Im based in Spain. Any chance a version of the game with European birds will appear anytime soon? A few quick questions here Jamie — Firstly, can you tell us all what region the next expansion will be from?

Probably wishful thinking on my behalf, but im sure im not the only one who is curious to find out! Secondly, i have seen a book on birds with the art from wingspan included — is this affiliated with the game somehow, or a completely independent product? It is called celebrating birds, an interactive field guide by Ana Maria Martinez. It is only the North American birds in the book, are you aware if we will see a European and Australasian version too?

Thanks Hayden! Where or how can I get it? Thanks in advance. Hope it could happen in future! Thanks for these suggestions! Thanks for the reply and form. I will add some soon. Such a fantastic idea!

Is there any thoughts about developing a large storage box for wingspan and all its accessories like you have done with previous games. Is that true? We do make neoprene double-sided player mats! Any chance the digital version gets an AI update? I love this game, but sometimes the hard AI is a bit awkward. We only publish the physical version of our games. While I love the steam version, I would relly love to actively compete for a ranking in this game and see how I compare to players worldwide.

For instance: the bird cost is invertebrate OR seed. I heard about it not long after it came out… and all the copies sold out! But with the pandemic and living home alone I decided to wait for a better time to purchase a copy… which was very recently… and it lived up to my expectations and LONG wait to get it! Not sure if you have plans for your next board game, but wanted to put the idea out there, that a version of this game done with prehistoric animals whether just dinosaurs, or other prehistoric creatures like aquatic reptiles, pterosaurs, prehistoric mammals etc.

Well , I think u made a big mistake with the nectar. The bird feeder now just makes no sense, not fun anymore. The new board looks bad, but kinda ok with the new more complex options you can choose.

I hope you can repair this somehow in the next expansions. Your right! I play also without the nectar. If made a houserule that you can in the water get a extra card if you give a random food to the stock instead of nectar. I will try this soon. Now i played it also without the nectar bird cards. How about just substituting one or two of the original dice for the dice with nectar? That would make nectar still a food source, but a little harder to obtain.

You might need a few plays to find the right balance. Hi, I disagree. And I like it that one can use the food for other purposes, e. Hi there. I just got your game as a gift and I really loved it. I saw that there is a greek version of the game from Kaissa Games. Could we have the the greek rules in a digital form on your online site? Thanks Christos! I just wanted to say that I love playing Wingspan. I have both expansions and I play almost every night. I just had a few ideas about future expansions.

Perhaps you could make a bird that sort of has a point bonus built in. For example, take a bird that likes to flock with other small birds and lives in the forest habitat. This allows you to have another bonus to work towards at the end of the game, while leveling up your engine at the same time, like a bird-bonus card combo. Thanks for sharing your ideas, Silas! Love the new speckled eggs!!

I saw Wingspan online there. I was wondering since I already purchased a physical copy for Wingspan if I would need to pay for it online as well or if there was some code or something. We produce and sell the tabletop version, and a company called Monster Couch produces and sells the digital version.

It seems like such a Wingspan bird, and I think it could be ideal for a future promo pack. Just putting in my two cents.

It would be hard work, and probably need a significant number of birds, to leave the relative point values of the bonus cards undisturbed. You would be looking at a pack which had to be a significant fraction of the base deck in size, and that sounds more like an expansion than a promo.

The alternative would be to release a pack which focused on a bonus, such as the photographer, and a replacement bonus card with a slightly lower value to reflect that those birds had become easier to find.

It sounds rather complex though…. That is definitely the case with Wingspan. From the creators of Scythe StoneMeir games, Wingspan catches the eye immediately with beautiful art and design including over unique bird cards. The gameplay looks to be an interesting sort of tableau builder with cards triggering actions that get better the more focused you are in that particular action.

This in addition a birdhouse dice tower is enough to gain my attention. The question is, does it do anything new? Plenty of board games are also […]. I have not purchased the game yet for my 10 year old grandson.

But I am intrigued as it sounds like it would make it easier for a child to play this game. Hi Jamey! Thank you so much for the big box live stream today! I had one thought for the cards in the bottom layer:. Could the bottom layer hold the plastic trays vertically i.

You mentioned, I think, that it is okay if the box gets taller. Standing the plastic trays on their long edges would get you many more cards in that bottom layer. It would need to be pretty tall if we did that. We have the original game and both expansion packs. Even though I work full time and she is in medical school, we have played it so much that we have run out of score cards. From all three games.

I know, a lot. Is it possible to order more score pads without having to buy another full game? Also, some comments and suggestions: — Storage for people who have all of the expansion packs — One big box would be great. As much as I love feeding rodents to my hummingbirds, I know you guys like being accurate I love that about the game too.

Thanks for your ideas, Logan! I see that the score cards for sale do not include the row for points from nectar. Will the Oceania score pads be available soon? Thank you Jamey and team! That may be possible when we get the Oceania restock we pull the pads from replacement parts for our webstore. I picked it up in December last year and all of the expansions, and I cannot get enough of this beautifully crafted game.

I even convinced my gaming buddy to give it a go and he loves it now too. I even convinced my Wife to play and she is sold now too. It is an absolute pleasure to play and no two games are ever the same. It is a breath of fresh air in my gaming collection. Another thank you for your openness, honesty and insights into the board game industry, I listen to your podcasts on the way to and from work 45mins each way and they are insightful and interesting, and exposed me to lots of different games.

Finally, you have also got me VERY excited about Red Rising coming out this year, the game looks phenomenal with the same attention to detail I have experienced with your games.

Sorry about the essay but I just wanted to let you know the impact your games have had on me and my family across the world in Australia, so thank you.

Just one last question before I go, is there currently an international shortage of Viticulture essential edition at the moment, because all of my local FLGs have been outbid stock for a very loooong time. Thanks so much for your comment, Dan! Thanks for your reply Jamey, and thank you for the clarification about Viticulture : Have a great day. But we decided to only mention games and expansions on that list.

I realize that they are a huge part of the game and the most essential part. I have played several Automa games and have noticed card edges starting to fuzz and get worn. Many of the bird cards are starting to do the same. A few have some bent edges as well. I contacted your replacement parts and there were far to many hoops to jump through to get replacements. It seems like bad business sense to not allow people who wish to buy replacements the capabilities or option of replacing their starting to wear cards.

Also, you can sleeve cards. We celebrated with a socially distant trip to Phipps, Japanese takeout, and a few games of Wingspan. We are 30 going on […]. My husband and I are obsessed with game! Not only have we bought the original and all the expansions, we also got copies for our nieces, who are budding bird enthusiasts. The artwork is beautiful and the game is addictive. Any updates on when the next expansion set or promo pack will be out?

I just contacted Matagot, your French publisher, and they told me they were waiting from the manufacturer for reprint dates and quantities. Do you know if a reprint is actually under way right now? Absolutely loving the switch version and will definitely pick up the physical version of the game with its expansions.

Are there any plans to add the expansions to the digital version down the road? We own every Stonemaier game and expansion and play them frequently, but we play Wingspan on Switch almost every evening. My husband and I used to watch shows on tv most nights.

Now we play Wingspan instead. Sadly, the amount of space in my box is getting more and more cramped. Are there plans to make a big box version of wingspan that has organizers? The feeder I have is wearing out from all the play!

As for a wooden dice tower for the game, check out Tower Rex on Etsy. Awesome, thanks for the quick response! Love this game. We play it almost every day to survive our Covid isolation with other games mixed in between our Wingspan games. I have a couple of questions one general, one specific :. I just want to confirm that these are official rulings from you if not, do you have a place where you compile official rulings on rules. It never occured to me that honey was a colour in this context as it is evidently a food being eaten.

Rufous has been a colour since see Wikipedia and this should be obvious becasue it is being to to describe the colour of the band. If they said an incorrect answer, someone will correct them in the forums.

Each expansion rulebook adds a few notes about bonus cards like this. I have no authority myself, but the rulings listed in that document are themselves official: Each entry has an endnote hyperlinked to a citation of an official source for the ruling, so that readers can verify the ruling themselves. The official sources are the materials produced by SM e. The source cited for this particular entry, the Oceania rulebook, is of course itself correct. Thank you for bringing this error to my attention.

Probably the document will be approved and available by tomorrow. You can also find the current and future versions of the rulings list at this permanent Dropbox link:. Thanks so much for keeping your list. That makes it so much easier for the rest of us if we have a trusted source. I ordered a copy of Wingspan for my parents from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Where can I get one woodland end of round tile marker? Sorry about that! I have 3 games from Stonemaier… love them all. I appreciate the great games and the great service. Hi Franks! Keep an eye on our newsletter!

Hi, I am looking for the swift promo pack for wingspan including 10 cards. Do you know where i can find these? I have two questions, so far: 1 I have a Northern Gannet, when activated all the food die are in the feeder already, there are 4 fish in there!

Do I get the tokens to cache, or nothing? If nothing it makes the cards value go way down. I need to save a little face…. Fun game. So it can move by using its power. We started shipping preorders back in November for Oceania, though they sold out a few weeks ago.

Is there a difference with the OE regarding your starting amount of food tokens in contrast to tje. You get 5 standard food 1 fruit,1 wheat, 1 fish,1 rodent and 1 invertebrate plus the food that you get when discarding cards plus 1 nectar? As the OG only gets you the food that you get to keep by discarding bird cards? Hi Kelly! Think of it this way. This game is gorgeous and inventive, and a true work of art. We love to play and learn a lot along the way.

Please stop using this much plastic packaging, it is unnecessary, and makes us feel bad as players. Thank you. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to everyone involved in the creation process, from the illustrators, to the game makers, to the researchers, to the manufacturers, everyone! Are there plans for the digital game to receive future to support the expansions already available for the physical game, either as free or paid DLC?

Thanks Sage! As far as I know, the digital developer, Monster Couch, will be adding the expansions. We recently acquired wingspan and within a week we also bought the two expansions as well. I found just a few minor things that would improve it even more.

The expansions have on almost every part the marking from which expansion it is, except the reference tiles. With more expansions coming this would be useful especially if these also include new reference tiles.

In the Dutch edition, for several bonus cards cartographer, anatomist, photographer and historian only Dutch version? And the new additions of terms, parts, colors and names in their name.

This to have a more accurate bonus cards. The only downfall to this is that possibly due to the different names in the different languages these are language dependent. I personally also would appreciate it if there was also a combined appendix document with all the end-of-round information, bonus card additional information and the bird powers information. But the same downfall to this, it is language dependent. Iris: Thanks for your requests! Perhaps someday we will put together a complete, consolidated rulebook after all expansions are complete.

As for words that apply to bonus cards, there are lists in both English expansion rulebooks that note any additional words. Specific wording implants images. Action words create moving pictures. Very visual. A picture of a pizza pops into your head, whether you want it to or not! See the power of this? Go on, cut yourself a big, hearty slice.

Now take a big bite. Talk about crisp! The dough was made fresh this morning and baked in a virgin olive oil—coated black pan for a thick, deep-dish Chicago style crust. The sauce? Prepared from scratch, of course, from juicy plum toma- toes picked this morning, and blended with select fresh herbs from our own garden. You betcha! Lots and lots of chewy, whole-milk mozzarella, made from the finest buffalo milk, of course, and the entire pie baked to bub- bling perfection in a degree wood-burning brick oven imported from Genoa, Italy.

Okay, I really maxed out this one to prove my point. And chances are you experienced a rich and detailed series of images by simply reading my words. But for now, to sum up this chapter, just be aware of these five things: 1. People have eight basic wants—the LF8 survival; food and drink; freedom from fear, pain, and danger; sexual com- panionship; comfortable living conditions; to be superior; care and protection of loved ones; and social approval.

The strongest advertising appeals are based on these eight basic wants. The most effective way to create an appeal based on these eight wants is to write ad copy that causes your prospects to visually demonstrate your product or service inside their heads, sufficiently enough to build desire for the satisfac- tion of the want s that your product promises to provide They believe you.

They want it. Time to count your money, right? You now have to push them to act. In Chapter 2, I teach you what they are, why they work, and how you can use them to help sell your products and services. Did you know that one single bacteria cell explodes into more than 8 million cells in less than 24 hours? The solution? It quickly kills Fact: No matter how often you wash your sheets, your bed is an insect breeding ground, teeming with thousands of hideous, crab-like dust mites aggressively laying eggs in your pillow and mattress, causing you and your family to suffer year-long allergy attacks.

While you sleep, they actually wake up and start to crawl, eat your skin flakes, and drink the moisture on your flesh. It gets worse. Did you know that 10 percent of the weight of a two-year-old pillow is actually dead mites and their feces?

This means that every night you and your family are sleeping in 29 b02 cash ch 2. Bottom line: Fear sells. It motivates. It urges. It moves people to action. It drives them to spend money. In fact, social psychologists and consumer researchers have been studying its effects for more than 50 years. But why does it work? In a word: stress. Fear causes stress. And stress causes the desire to do something. Missing a big sale causes the stress of loss.

Choosing the right tires can cause the stress of concern for per- sonal safety. Not opting for the side-curtain airbags in your new car causes the stress of future regret and visions of physical injury. Fear suggests loss. Fear paints a picture of necessary response.

It tells your prospect that he or she will be somehow damaged. Therefore, the threat of being damaged is insidious and powerful. Can you use it for your products and services? But is it ethical?

Certain products can quell fears. Scaring people to buy! How could you? I said that if using persuasion and influence scares you, you should stop reading. Or life insurance? Home smoke detectors? Cancer insur- ance? The mere mention of these things—to me, anyway—conjures up fearful situations that require some form of self-protection.

If that form of self-protection presents itself via an advertiser who happens to be selling a product that can save my life, prevent pain, or otherwise help me better deal with an unpleasant situation, then I welcome it. I have no problem being informed, and swiftly moved to take caution. Do you? If not, no matter how much fear you try to conjure up, your appeal will fail miserably.

Make sense? It scares the hell out of people. It offers a specific recommendation for overcoming the fear-aroused threat. The recommended action is perceived as effective for reducing the threat. The message recipient believes that he or she can perform the recommended action. Fear can paralyze. And it will motivate your prospect to act only if he believes he has the power to change his situation.

That means in order to craft an effective fear appeal, your ad must contain specific, believable recommendations for reducing the threat that are both credible and achievable.

You can teach people to walk even the roughest streets with the confidence of a trained bodyguard, ready to counter even the most vicious attacks by the scariest and ugliest thugs walking the earth.

Fact is, you need to do more than simply present gruesome crime stats. Because few people are concerned with UV laundry damage.

Why is this? GOJO Industries— the company that manufactures the germ-quashing goop—first intro- duced Purell to the food service and healthcare industries in Sure, I was always health conscious; I always washed my hands before eating, and throughout the day as needed.

I knew germs existed every- where. Jump ahead to , when Purell hit the consumer market. Did you know that unwashed hands are the leading cause of food con- tamination in restaurants? What a joke! In a phone survey the same year conducted by Wirthlin Worldwide, only 58 percent of people say they wash their hands after sneezing or coughing, and only 77 percent say they wash their hands after changing a diaper.

In , the Journal of the American Medical Association described a study wherein they cultured bacteria from coins and bills and found fecal bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus on 13 percent of coins and 42 percent of notes.

The copywriter for antiperspirant Odorno what a name! They made it an issue. Something to think—and fret—about. They instilled fear. And, as a result, Listerine now boasts an impressive 53 percent market share.

See how they made it easy to resolve the fear? A common way fear is used to simulate action is via the use of dead- lines and scarcity. However, fear is not a magical wand. Fear is simply one way to motivate your prospects to investigate your product further. Get it? You still need to convince him that your product provides the solution to the fear you just instilled. You still need to persuade and motivate him to take action: to grab his wallet, visit your Website, or call your number and place his order.

The fact is, you can blame your ego for many of your high credit card bills. We can actually buy things to make up for what we believe is a lacking in our personalities. Could it be that we as advertisers are actually performing a 34 b02 cash ch 2. In reality, this technique allows you to create a certain image, or identity, for a product, in order to appeal to a particular section of the audience that feels that their personal image and ego either match it or could be improved by it.

Persuading this way is not difficult. These things are built in, pre-wired into our very being. And for those who believe they already have it, our product can help them too, by giving them a way to express what they feel about themselves to the outside world.

What does all this mean? For example, start noticing how very little persuasive copy is used in ads for luxury goods. I want those jeans. Oh, did I mention Rolls-Royce? Yeah, them too. Does it work? Consider the perfume and cologne business. So really, So think about your product. Does owning or using it suggest quali- ties that people would want to flaunt?

You own a karate school? Then spotlight the names of the big mixed martial arts stars who work out there. Show photos of the rich celebrities who bring in their pooches. Feature Mr. Celeb stepping out of a limo with a drooling pooch.

I only trust the Karringtons with my Fluffy. Offer to do a free job for a few of your favorite local celebs—newscasters, or social and political leaders, for example. When they accept, send them letterheads and enve- lopes on your finest paper Instant ego appeal. What big companies that have far more rig- orous security requirements than your typical prospect trust you to protect them?

Doing so puts me in the company of these discerning execu- tives. Again, instant ego appeal. Back to Rolls-Royce. Answer: Is a bullfrog waterproof?

Imagine a full-page magazine ad consisting of little more than one large photo of what looks like a Manhattan intersection. To the left of his car, we see another driver of about the same age, the entire weight of his head resting in his left hand, looking envi- ously at the driver in the Rolls. Feeling on top of the world just mo- ments before Mr. Match point, game over. Not all businesses can use such an ego-driven approach. Fret not. There are plenty of other techniques that will fit your product or service just fine.

The following technique influences consumer behavior by associating products and services with symbols of authority or reverence. Look at that beautiful layout!

Look at that gorgeous photo! My price is right and I make it easy for people to order. Nobody believes him. Your offer must be credible, or you should expect the same crummy results as our frustrated advertiser friend here. Transfer is a strategy that involves using symbols, images, or ideas— cues, if you will—commonly associated with people, groups, or institu- tions of authority or respect, in order to persuade your prospect that your product or service is in some way acceptably endorsed.

Socialization ensures that most people respect institutions such as the Church, the medical establishment, national agencies, and science. When you incorporate images or symbols from any of these groups into your ads, the trust you gain can offset your need to present as rigorous a persuasive argument. The ideal strategy?

Get a respected institution to provide its official endorsement. Doing so instantly transfers their authority, sanction, and prestige to your product or service. Alas, a direct mail flyer from the Fraternal Order of Police lands in your mailbox. It says that they wholeheartedly support the bill and request your support in urging your state and local politicians to vote yes on its passage.

Human inertia, a metaphor for lazi- ness, leads you to rationalize not doing your own in-depth research. Proactiv is just one of dozens of acne products being hawked today.

To young girls suffering from the skin condition, this is all the endorsement they need. Quaker Oats enjoyed excellent growth of its product ever since it trademarked its first smiling Quaker man logo back in Unfortu- nately, years later, in , the New England Journal of Medicine re- leased the controversial Sachs study that disputed claims that oats and oat bran could reduce cholesterol.

Fortunately, Quaker had already launched a new campaign featuring actor Wilford Brimley in Consider the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. This unassum- ing oval has instilled pre-purchase confidence in millions of consumers since A clever concept, the seal is awarded only to those products whose ads have been reviewed and accepted for publication in Good Housekeeping magazine. The publisher promises a refund or replace- ment for defective products within two years of purchase.

Just as any other guarantee, it could actually help you close the sale if you construct it properly. More about guarantees later. I recently created a jumbo postcard for a hypnotist client. Now think. Do they really mean any of that? Of course not. Your prospects often use a peripheral, or noncritical style of thinking.

Interestingly enough, I 39 b02 cash ch 2. Your prospects: 1 See a symbol of credibility logo, endorsement, and the like , and then 2 question less of your sales argument. Using generally accepted images of medical and scientific authority could also produce the transfer effect.

Is it any wonder that so many ads for health products feature dignified-looking men in white lab jackets? In- stant credibility! What do I do with this info? Think about which person, persons, and organizations in your industry have a reputation that carries sufficient respect that if you got them to endorse your business, product, or service, you could capitalize on the transfer of credibility it would create.

As the transfer technique shows, strategies that appeal to a broad range of the population can be highly successful. Long ago, our ancestors understood that, in order to maximize their chances for survival, it was in their best interests to form groups of like- minded individuals.

So they lived in groups, hunted in groups, pro- tected each other in groups. Everyone had a vital role that contributed to the success of the entire tribe. When the group ate, you ate. When it slept, you slept. When it packed up and moved, you moved. If it died We have a need for friends, a romantic relationship, and, ultimately, marriage and children. We join social clubs, fraternities, and sororities; participate in community events; attend religious services; and form business organizations and even street gangs.

Heck, we often wear shirts and caps proclaiming our associations, which makes us feel accepted, valuable, and important. Once these first two needs have been satisfied, belonging or love—which is usually found within families, friendships, membership in associations, and within our community—becomes a top priority.

Associative—Groups that share your ideals and values. Dissociative—Groups to which you do not want to belong. By linking products and services to any of these three reference groups, you can persuade your prospects to make decisions based upon the group with which they identify, or want to identify.

This strategy uses the peripheral—superficial thought—route to per- suasion. Remember we discussed this earlier? But to which group do you attempt to link your prospects? Research tells you that the median age of your target mar- ket is 34 years. Well, remember the group label aspirational? They aspire to be similar to tour-winning legends Lance Armstrong, Miguel Indurain, or Eddy Merckx—three of the best cyclists of all time. Featuring pros such as these encourages your prospects to believe that, by using your cushy- soft seat, they can be more similar to their two-wheeled heroes.

Successfully gaining associative group influence is more complex. This strategy requires that you link your product to a certain societal group, while often alienating others. Cur- rently with 3, stores—including Banana Republic, Old Navy, and 42 b02 cash ch 2. Does your product lend itself to using the human need to be- long appeal? But before your prospects are willing to buy anything, they must first be motivated enough to do so!

The next technique is based upon one of the classic psychological theories of motivation. And the strategy is based on the theory that many consumer decisions are taken not to satisfy an immedi- ate need, but for some future objective. For Joe, your buyer, the product, or service he purchased is merely a means to an end. Luxury goods and services are often advertised using the Means-End Chain.

The strategy is to persuade your prospects that your product— although desirable in its own right—will provide additional secondary benefits to them or their family. Buying a new car is a wonderful feeling, right? Lexus Salesman tells you.

Tell me the core benefit of doing so. The formula for activating the Means-End Chain mindset is simple. Your copy and images should always represent the positive end results.

In this way your prospect is less likely to critically analyze the pros and cons of the actual product, and base their purchase decision on the ultimate benefit it will provide them.

They do want the holes so they can plant beauti- ful trees and colorful flowers and make their homes look more attractive! They do want to be able to cook and eat quickly so they have more time for other things.

The nice paint, smooth-running engine, and supple leather sure make them fun to drive, but getting from point A to point B is why people really buy them. The ego appeal is icing on the cake. If they could cook their food in seconds by wiggling their nose, bye-bye Microwave Warehouse.

And chances are if you could teleport yourself from point A to point B like Mr. Spock on Star Trek, auto malls and gas stations would be converted into drug stores and condos. But no matter what you sell, the major difficulty with persuading consumers is dealing with their varying degrees of product knowledge. The following technique uses these differences to its advantage.

Here are the stages, in a quick and easy nutshell. I should check out those Bloopo Burgers someday. Is it healthier? Better tasting? Your prospect has arrived at the coveted action, or purchase phase. In this phase, your product has become part of their everyday lives. They continue to buy your Bloopos without giving it a second thought.

Simply put, when they want a burger, they buy a Bloopo. According to the evidence provided by psychologist James O. Prochaska , the aim for advertisers who use this technique is to 46 b02 cash ch 2.

The challenge? Dealing successfully with con- sumer groups at different stages of the process. You have two options to tackle this: 1. Create ads that address all five stages.

This lets your prospects focus on whatever stage is personally relevant to them. Simply include all the details someone would need to be fully informed about a product they might know little, if anything, about. Create a series of ads that, throughout a period of time, progress from stage one to stage five.

Stage one, therefore, introduces your product to the marketplace. Each successive ad builds upon the last, and can begin highlighting key features and benefits. The objective of both strategies, of course, is to provide your pros- pects with enough information and motivation to move them through the five stages at their own pace, until they ultimately become regular customers.

No doubt about it. Let me explain. The virus is grown in chicken embryo cells, which changes the genes that tell the virus how to reproduce. This causes the virus to reproduce poorly in the human body. When injected into your arm, however, your body reacts as if the virus was full strength, and quickly attacks and kills it.

In doing so—and this is the important part—your body actually becomes stron- ger, resistant to that specific virus, for the rest of your life.

Developed by social psychologist and Yale professor William J. The three steps are: 1. Warn of an impending attack. Make a weak attack. Encourage a strong defense.

Your chocolate brand of choice is Guittard, a California-based company whose world-class chocolate is used by many of the most prominent pastry chefs and confectionary shops in the U.

Heck, why risk my job? The plan: inoculate you. After all, most of our competitors use the el crappo chocolate. By attacking your ideas and decisions or brand preferences, as in this example , inoculation encourages you to use critical thought to defend them. Basically, it tricks you into thinking more deeply about your own position, which reinforces your thoughts and feelings. Important: Consumer psychologists warn that your attack must be weak.

Inoculation is a favorite among politicians. But I tell you this is definitely not the case, and here is why This candidate is inoculating his audience by 1 warning them of an impending attack, 2 presenting the weak arguments his opponent will say during the campaign, and 3 encouraging a strong defense by giving them a little ammunition to help prepare for battle.

For example You want them to compare! Buy from ME! Are you a pizza shop? What do you do better, faster, easier? As impervious as bull- frogs are to water, human beings are to doing things differently. Trying to get them to change their beliefs about life? One of the most effective of these methods works by switching the focus away from the attitudes themselves and onto the underlying beliefs.

One day, however, you see a disturbing article in the newspaper. Oh no! A quote about baking soda by Ken Burrell, D. Mental storm clouds roll in, lightning strikes, and the first chink in your enamel-white armor appears. Your own dentist confirms the horrible truth, and your baking soda sandcastle comes crumbling down. Your feelings were attacked by reason, and eventually, critical thinking—via central route processing—emerged the victor. Well, one day a friend hands you a brochure from her Wing Chun school.

And it contains testimonials from current students who describe how they successfully defended themselves against attackers. They talk about how safe the training is, how easy it was to learn, how patient and caring the instructors are. The next day, another friend whose child takes lessons tells you how her child de- fended herself against the schoolyard bully. Like sprinkling radish seeds on fertile soil, new thoughts start to grow.

Fast forward to one week later. But it happens again another night. And then every 10th person looks sus- picious. Of course, your prospects may remain suspicious of the ideas you present, and many will reject the ad—just as they can with any other ad. But many others will amend their beliefs in order to harmoniously exist with their new perceptions. Not to do so causes cognitive dissonance, an uncomfortable feeling that happens when you simultaneously hold con- flicting thoughts or beliefs—something the human mind dislikes intensely.

Change the Importance of the Beliefs Another approach is to change the importance of beliefs, rather than the beliefs themselves. Many advertisers take this technique one step 52 b02 cash ch 2. The strategy of manipulating current beliefs, either through rein- forcement or undermining, is far easier and more likely to succeed than attempting a wholesale change of basic beliefs.

For example, nowadays everyone knows that smoking and excessive drinking are not good for your health. By either 1 reinforcing the beliefs of those prospects who already hold a positive view about your product, or 2 by subtly offering an alternative set of beliefs to those you wish to convert.

For example, advertisers of food and drink know that most con- sumers today believe in the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. Our goal is not to fight with our prospects. We want to change their beliefs without causing a negative, de- fensive reaction.

See the difference? You weasel your way in, so to speak. Now listen carefully. The following technique makes it easier for you by dividing products into those that require a lot of cognitive thought, and those that require little. The Elaboration Likelihood Model, or ELM, sug- gests there are two routes to attitude change: the central route and the peripheral route.

That depends on your product. By contrast, the central route encourages your audience to really think about it The ELM Rule of Thumb You think harder, longer, and deeper about important purchases than you do for unimportant ones, right? Of course. The two buying decisions require different levels, quali- ties, and depths of thought.

When thinking about buying the house, your brain switches to central route processing. Buy the wrong house and—after uprooting your family, moving across the country away from family and friends, and starting a new job—you could easily wind up shackled in a self-created financial and emotional torture chamber. And not much brain power is needed. So what kind of thought process does purchasing your product require? Weave them into your most persuasive sales argument. Load your ads full of colorful, pleas- Peripheral Route ant images, humorous or popular Processing subject matter, or the sponsorship of celebrities.

You should still give basic data to satisfy their 55 b02 cash ch 2. If you sell ink-jet paper, for example, you still want to state its size, color, weight, sheet quantity, and even the TAPPI Brightness Standard rating.

Research has found that attitudes based on central route processing are more resistant to counter-persuasion, and show greater attitude-behavior consistency than attitudes formed by peripheral route thinking.

It makes perfect sense. I know it was the right decision. Want examples? Look around you! Talk to people about any topic in which they spent a ridiculous amount of time in mental exploration, reinforcement, and justification: religion, politics, abortion, child-rearing, and education, for examples. Their positions on topics such as these are stubbornly persistent and tenaciously resistant to change. What brands of cereal do you eat? One last thing you should know about the ELM.

Attitudes devel- oped using central route processing will last longer than those formed by the peripheral route. Simply put, logic and reason burn themselves into the brain far more deeply than good feelings created by visual cues or other emotion-stimulating catalysts.

The following technique is based upon the influence that can be exerted by using the right cue for the right occasion. In preparing his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion , he took three years and went undercover performing a variety of jobs to watch influence in action. Posing as everything from a used car salesman to a telemarketer, he studied the words and behaviors that move people to comply Comparison: The power of your peers.

Liking: The Balance Theory. Authority: Cracking the code of credibility. Reciprocation: What goes around comes around You look like that geek from our gym class! As an advertiser, this is a godsend. Because if I can successfully convey the message that my product is the one that a certain group should choose, then my sales could snowball simply from creating this mindset.

For example, I used to work with a woman named Dianne. She used to sell everything from candles to baskets. I watched many succumb to the pressure of the liking cue. She had the kind of person- ality that made you instantly like her. But what about the quality of the candles and baskets she sold? Because it was the internal pressure to accommodate or please Dianne—driven by the liking cue—that caused so many people to buy from her. Just sign the form and fork over the cash.

No wonder most ads feature happy, attractive faces smiling out at the consumer from the pages of magazines, newspapers, and direct mail catalogs. Psychologists say: Identification. All of us are in- terested primarily in ourselves; no one is more important to you than you. When an ad shows a picture of a handsome, important-looking man, for example, other men will identify with that person, step into his shoes, and briefly become handsome and important-looking themselves.

This same principle applies to women. This is a prime example of the peripheral route to persuasion in action. Using an official, intelligent, or authoritative figure to promote a product saves consumers the trouble of researching or examining the issues, and they simply accept the facts and claims as being true.

In fact, before the FCC cracked down on it, many advertisers hired actors who played doctors in popular TV shows to endorse their aspirin, cold remedies and other medical-related products, fully outfitted in the doctor 59 b02 cash ch 2.

The viewers knew these people were just actors, yet they were still persuaded by the powerful authority cue built by their characters. What authority in your industry does your target market re- spect? Do whatever you can to get a testimonial or full-blown endorse- ment. Pay the authority to do a short video you can use on your Website or on a DVD. Then add a list of persuasive facts, figures, and scientific-looking graphs, and the authority cue can help you make a lot of money.

Did you ever wonder how these companies could afford to give away freebies with every first order? The reason is reciprocation. Why does it work? Because the company has given you something, and you accepted it! The four- page survey may contain tedious questions, but the dollar makes you feel that you should do it. Walk through many major U. Jay Siff, a wonderful client of many years, uses the reciprocation principle to the hilt.

What can you give away to start the reciprocation ball rolling? You want to give something of value. A gift certificate? The reciprocation mindset is initiated when you give something to someone as a gift. Give a free flea and tick collar. Give a free rye bread or a box of chocolate chip cookies. Give a free water bottle. Give a free shine. Give a month of free lessons. Give 50 free photocopies.

Give a free bunch of flowers. Give a free lighter. Give a free slice. Whoever you are, give away something Your logic cannot deny that this chamber has no windows and no doors.

Which offers a rather logical challenge You create an ad that poses four questions to your prospect, with each answer leading logi- cally to the next, until, at the end of your ad, your prospect is all but committed to making the purchase Cialdini, Would you please sign my petition to help reduce neighborhood crime and make our streets safer?

So you sign away. And so you will. And now you can do little else but gulp, reach into your pocket, and hand over the cash. You were a lab rat in an experiment, and you behaved exactly as anticipated. Because you did, however, the petitioner had already pre-closed you, and the natural next step was to simply extract your moolah. A way that gives you instant and total control over even the most savage pound, drug- blitzed maniac who has the gall to try to intimidate—and possibly terribly injure—you and your family?

Introduc- ing The Tesla Sizzler Without this social pressure, the ad relies on a multitude of copy and design techniques to encourage you to read the whole sales pitch and then pick up the phone and place your order.

Effectively written long-copy direct-response ads do exactly this. Simply, we want what we cannot have. Take the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of People went bonkers trying to buy these ugly vinyl-faced dolls. They knocked over display tables, screamed, cursed, and fought like rabid cats in department stores.

One particularly unruly crowd of 1, would-be Cabbage Patch 63 b02 cash ch 2. Wielding a baseball bat, the man- ager kept the frenzied buyers at bay. Too funny. And too late. The scarcity effect had already thrust its hooks into the American doll-buying conscious- ness, and that, in turn, fueled even greater demand. And it might continue to annoy you the entire length of the movie or until your flight lands. When someone took it from you, there was nothing you wanted more.

Inter- esting how we humans are wired. The most common manifestation of the scarcity principle is the use of lines such as one-day sale, limited offer, only while supplies last, or first come, first served, all which make the product appear in short supply, and therefore increases consumer interest.

The success of this tech- nique is apparent—every business uses it! Using the scarcity cue is like using a deadline, except scarcity also suggests exclusivity, not simply limited supply.

But hurry! The point is clear. Even worse, you could actually harm your business with ads that leave your prospects with an inaccurate or totally incorrect interpretation of your intended message—something that could negatively affect you for a long time.

Communicating clearly and plainly takes practice. But fret not. Principle Examples vs. Statistics— And the Winner Is Which is more persuasive: examples or statistics? Read the follow- ing two paragraphs and decide.

Accept its invitation Surrounded by rich, fragrant leathers, exotic hardwoods, and costly Wilton wool carpeting, this ve- hicle spotlights your discriminating lifestyle Shift into drive Feel it? Which of these—example or statistics—is more appealing to you? Which whets your appetite for more? Most importantly, which really sells you? Sure, the stats are nice to know, but when it comes to making the cash register go ka-ching, you should always place your money on the example. In a word: emotion, the key to sales.

And did you notice what happened when you read it? I caused you to test drive—to demonstrate—the prod- uct inside your head! No wonder most ads and TV commercials use testi- monials and endorsements rather than long lists of facts and figures. Some people do want to know facts and figures! But not to the exclusion of strong, emo- tionally provoking examples. And a good case can be made for including both examples and statistics in your ads.

Forget the stats. Show attractive people, barely dressed hardbodies, and good times. Play up the examples and include some stats for the performance, safety, or efficiency enthusiasts, whichever category of buyer to whom your particular model appeals. So tell how much paper it holds, how fine its resolution, how long the ink lasts, its maximum monthly duty cycle, and other relevant stats. No one gets turned on thinking about ink jets. At least none that I know, and many of my friends are professional writers!

Your product is all about beauty, self-image how your property looks to the neighbors , and convenience never having to mow your lawn on those hot, sweaty summer days.

Plenty of opportunity for examples here! Pure emotion here. Show photos of lean and attractive men and women, before and after shots, and testimonials from happy members. Well, the same is true in advertising. You can present just your side of the story The key is to present both sides and still advocate only one—your own. By making your two-sided message appear to the reader as fair-minded and balanced.

For example: 67 b02 cash ch 2. And they did a darn good job back then. So easy and effective, it makes old-fashioned and messy swatters obsolete! Using the peripheral route to persuasion superficial thinking, re- member? So not only does it help persuade prospects to favor your product, but it also helps turn them against those of your rivals. You can calmly point out the advantages your product pro- vides. Is yours faster?

More fun? Less expensive? More effective? All I need to do now is buy. After all, these people are trying to persuade me to buy!

So be a good sport. Tell both sides. It might even make you feel good. The persuasive impact resulting in additional sales will definitely make you feel great! You can even play both sides yourself. Repeating your message not only helps break down walls of disinterest, but with each repetition your ad also gets exposed to those who may not have noticed it the last time. And unless they have some reason to think otherwise, a feeling of accep- tance begins to grow.

As this acceptance strengthens, an affinity begins to develop. They, in essence, begin to feel comfortable with you. This comfort leads to greater trust, which opens the door to the sale. Remember: The aim of all advertising is to create marginal differences in consumer attitudes and perceptions. Through repetition, these small dif- ferences can build into larger differences, and can often tip the balance in favor of the advertised brand.

Can repetition be bad? In short, the study involved presenting arguments to college students about increasing university spending. Some students heard the argument once, others three times, the rest five times. Student who were exposed to three repetitions backed the spending proposition. In the students who heard it five times, agreement dropped off consider- ably. Researchers Petty and Cacioppo suggested that at this high level of frequency, tedium may have set in, which caused the student to attack what they then considered to be an offensive communication.

Overuse it, and you could be growing a bumper crop of consumer contempt. This is a simple way to extend the life span of an effective message or slogan. Simply put, the more different sources that expose a subject to the same message, the more convinced the subject will become. The rhetorical question is really a statement disguised as a question. Another example. Televi- sion attorneys are known for using rhetorical questions during cross examination to pressure their opponents, throw them off balance, and add an air of veracity to their arguments.

This simple technique allows advertisers to make factual-sounding, possibly persuasive claims without having to support them with factual evidence or logical argument. Some research suggests that using rhe- torical questions can sometimes change how people think, and modify their buying behavior.

When somebody asks us a question, it is required that we respond to it. To respond correctly requires that we understand the question. Respected communication researcher Dolf Zillmann conducted the first of only a few published studies on the topic in Several other researchers followed. And although the whole idea sounds great, there is, unfortunately, not much agreement as to the effectiveness of the technique.

It works! In , researchers Gayle, 71 b02 cash ch 2. Perhaps just this: the use of rhe- torical questions may be beneficial for increasing message retention. Ques- tions designed to emphasize a point, rather than to persuade, are likely to cause your audience to remember your message.

Makes sense, right? The more you think about something, the more brain cells you devote to it, and the more likely you are to remember it.

Principle Evidence— Quick! Did you ever think of it that way? People buy from you when they believe what you are selling is of greater value than the dollars they need to exchange for it. It tells us that consumers all think the same thing before making any purchase decision. This hints at the fear that accompanies many buying decisions: the fear of loss. Re-read that last sentence. In this example, the audience—these consumers—demonstrated that once they knew the WIIFM, the benefit to them, they were much more likely to exchange their money for what was in the bag.

To convince means to cause belief. So how do we get them to believe? One great, proven way is by offering persuasive evidence. Advertisers who use solid evidence persuade more ef- fectively than those who use poor evidence or none at all.

You want him or her to per- form well. You want him or her to speak powerfully, to move you, and perhaps even change your life for the better.



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I would really like to use Designer as a all in one graphic design tool but I still can’t do that. Hi there I don’t have Affinity Photo since I don’t need it. Is this tool too much to ask from Designer?

After we already have a Pixel persona and the free transform tool would fit right in. This complementarity will become more obvious as soon as Publisher comes out. I was really hoping you guys wouldn’t go the same path as adobe and finally give designers one tool to replace both Photoshop and Illustrator. I was really hoping AD would have been this tool. I’m not sure why you’re focusing on releasing a publishing software in when the offline publishing industry goes down every year.

It would have made more sense to me to focus on Designer and bring it to a similar level as Sketch because Adobe XD is still way behind and Windows users like me don’t have a reliable alternative for doing UI design which everyone does lately. I’ve tried to do it in AD but having over 20 artboards for a mobile UI design made AD sluggish and at some point almost impossible to work with.

Thank you for doing your best and giving us hope but right now I still can’t give up the damn adobe beast and I’m using AD just for personal projects. Got you, I’m sure in time, hopefully, sooner than later, the ability to “free transform” to create perspective will be added but in the meantime I’d rather use multiple tools to achieve my objectives.

I was wondering this too. Have some shapes I need to “corner pin” or do kind of a perspective transform on. Is this something that’s in the works coming in a future update? Sneak peeks for 1. This is different than a perspective shift or even the tools present in Affinity Photo. Will this be possible in 1. Is there any indication of where this is in the roadmap? I can’t find anything other than Illustrator that does this well. Seems there’s already a topic that addresses my issue, so I won’t start a new one but post it here: I’ve recently delved into making isometric scenes and I have a few questions:.

Is there like a roadmap somewhere with maybe rough estimates of what is being developed and planned? The group consists of a rectangle, and a text object like a label. How do I free transform or manipulate each corner of that group’s bounding box to make it appear in perspective?

This is a glaring omission in a vector based tool. Any ideas when 1. In Fireworks you can select the skew tool and drag one of the bottom corners of a square outwards for example to achieve this affect, it is quite a common task:. I thought it would be out with the Beta of Publisher but it can be released anytime between now and the official release of Publisher.

You can test new tools to do this and more in Publisher but they’re not yet in AD. I’m struggling with this, I’ve worked out in Publisher how to select a single point to drag and ‘free transform’ that’s it. Can’t wait to try designer and photo with publisher to see how well they are integrated I missed your post, but I see you found how it’s working.

If you select different nodes with the Node tool, you’ll be able to use the Construction tools to add construction forms, lines, points. Once done, you quit the Construction mode, activate the Snap option “Perform construction snap”, and you’ll be able to work on your nodes. That works on a single shape, but not with groups of shapes such as a complex logo or text.

Yep it looks a bit limited in Designer, not sure if its any more advanced in Publisher? You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Please note there is currently a delay in replying to some post. See pinned thread in the Questions forum.

These are the Terms of Use you will be asked to agree to if you join the forum. Privacy Policy Guidelines We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings , otherwise we’ll assume you’re okay to continue. Share More sharing options Followers Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. SalfingerAndrew Posted November 5, Posted November 5, Hello, I was wondering if within Affinity Designer is there a “Free transform tool” to allow perspective distort with shapes, this is something that can be done within illustrator where you can take two points and can move them together or further apart with equal distance like the example below.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies Created 4 yr Last Reply Jul Top Posters In This Topic 13 33 16 Popular Posts SalfingerAndrew November 5, AndrewDes July 10, MikeMo Posted November 5, No, you can’t. Only in Affinity Photo. It is one of those features that will be coming to Designer, eventually.

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more about Teams. How can I change the perspective of a text in Affinity Designer? Ask Question. Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Modified 3 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 9k times. Improve this question. MikelMats MikelMats 17 2 2 silver badges 9 9 bronze badges. What does “ipad” or “desktop” have to do with your question? Please only add relevant tags. Luciano Affinity Designer for iPad is a redesigned version of an old program.

Touch screen support is substatially enhanced, support for Photoshop add-ons is dropped. Luciano actually the questioner could have written his version to the question. But at least those who know this software do not start with “use this Photoshop plugin” — user I’m actually just trying to help you get better answers to your question, there’s no hostility in my comments. Show 1 more comment. Sorted by: Reset to default.

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I will try this one. That is what I need — MikelMats. Add a comment. GerardFalla GerardFalla 9, 2 2 gold badges 14 14 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges.


Skew font affinity designer free.

Skew. inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world’s best designers. Want more inspiration? Browse our search results. Shift Nudge: Font Weight Homework design skeumorphism skew typography ui ux Data Science Illustrations are available royalty-free branding dat data. Affinity Designer – The Complete guide to Affinity Designer Backgrounds, Fonts, SVG files, Mock-Ups or Templates, Image Files and Presets or LUTs.

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