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Windows 10 home use program military free download

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Purchase Office Home Premium Annual subscription. Office University for free is available to full- and part-time enrolled students, faculty, and staff of qualified, accredited higher education institutions [with a valid. Alumni of these institutions are not eligible. Qualified, accredited higher education institutions include Universities, Polytechnic schools, and Institutes of Technology, as well as other tertiary-level institutions, such as colleges and vocational schools that award academic degrees or professional certifications.

You will be taken to a secure site where you can complete your order of Home Use Program licensed software. You may only order one of these products. On the checkout page you may specify delivery of a backup DVD at additional cost recommended. Complete the checkout process and make payment with your personal credit card.

The order confirmation page will include the product installation key. Please print this page and keep it for your records. Microsoft will not provide the installation key with the backup DVD and you may need to reinstall the application in the future in case of hard drive failure or using a replacement computer. Please forward the download link to your home and download the software image there.

Employees may only order software identical to what is legally used on their government computer or the Mac variant of that software.

Employees may only use this software while employed by the Air Force or Air Force sponsored organization. HUP products may only be used as long as the Air Force pays for software assurance for government-owned products. HUP is not a benefit to buy low-cost software for family members. Setup and installation support is provided for software purchased through the HUP. I have tried with the AF codes, but it doesnt recognize my email.

Since you have. Please check with your helpdesk to see if yours end in the new email formats or maybe the a different school email address with possibly xxx.

I work on base in Kunsan Gunsan South Korea! Good Luck! In addition instead of the the perpetual versions of Office i. This is already happening for HUP outside of the U. Microsoft will be retiring these product offerings through the Home Use Program and will be offering the most up-to-date Office experience with Home Use Program to Office Home and Personal at a significant discount.

John, thanks for your help and advice over the years. And thank you for the advanced warning on this change. Very disappointing news. It requires a Microsoft Account though. Follow the instructions posted by Spencer above the one that says Option 2. Once you get to chat rep state right away you want a refund for the product you bought from their Home Use Program.

After that provide your order number and work e-mail address. John, thanks for this information. I was looking for the military discount for I just got a Chromebook and your content was super helpful. Much appreciated! I just received my email! Happy New Year! Tried this code and it does not work for me. Contacted CS and was told the issue is on my employers end, not theirs. I explained that I suspected it was simply because my email suffix is okinawa. Of course, on a new Mac Laptop it does not.

I used my [email protected] email address. You will receive a confirmation email with your Product Key as well as download instructions when our review has been completed. Please allow 4 to 6 hours for our review to be completed before inquiring about the status of your order.

We recommend that you write down or print your Order Number for future reference. Ready to rip my hair out at this point. After cancelling the first order and repurchasing, I received the same message above. Wait for that call or e-mail from them. Better that way than you re-purchasing again and again and getting nowhere.

In fact, I highly advised anyone who has trouble purchasing to attempt only once and then call Microsoft after that, if still not resolved ask to be escalated to that Tier 2 team of theirs since usually those are their most experienced technicians.

Wait for that contact from Tier 2 Support. They usually are the last line of support for this and have a high success rate of resolving your issue. As I mentioned above grit your teeth and be patient.

Call help desk. Mines work fine. I use my [email protected] and it work fine. I just need to go home and get the forward email from my work to my home to download the product. The best way is to call the helpdesk to make sure you email is accurate. Try using your complete name again and also so emails might still be under the af.

Good Luck. I honestly got no where with Microsoft over the phone help. By dumb luck, I had the Microsoft validation email in my Coast Guard inbox and then just forwarded to my personal email. I would just and see if you can receive the validation email from Microsoft. I purchased Microsoft Office on December 1st Those Tier 2 people know what to do if you can get to them.

The first ones that answer when you call or chat are frontline folks with little to no experience handling this issue. Again, grit your teeth and be patient. I have a Mac and my office is so outdated! I went to the exchange and they have a year subscription for Thank you so much for providing this!

Ann: It actually does work provided you get the right representative and have tons of patience. The problem is getting a knowledgeable technician to help you out in this scenario since only a small amount of people at Microsoft know this problem. My advice will be the same as what I told Andy below, if all else fails ask for a supervisor and demand to be escalated to higher level of support.

That should get you the help you need. Bottom line refuse to be turned away or referred to the I. Grit your teeth and be persistent. Good luck. If you have a service request number with Microsoft tech support, demand to be escalated to higher level of support. I have a work email address that ends in associates. Is there a reason why this does not work? I work for DHS. Microsoft is unable to provide any assistance. I would recommend updating this guide to reflect that!

This guide is a misleading to make you believe that if you spend the time with customer service, they can help. Please revise! That usually gets you the help you need from the Microsoft technician. If all else fails ask that technician that you want to talk to a supervisor.

So far I have been trying for days and no one seems to be able to help me. They just say to contact the internet service provider for the email to have the email unblocked. Coast Guard here. Andy: You probably got a newbie who does not know any better. Follow my suggestions that was my reply to your post on October 29, at Not Navy. Use the Army program code above when going to the HUP website.

Keep trying! I had the same issue, I had to re-enter it up to 5 times for it to finally go through, keep trying! Spencer: FYI. Thanks for the update. You should be able to put in the code after typing in your DOD email address. Attempted to use my ship. Navy code does not work. Anyone else having problems? Do you have another navy. If your a member of the Coast Guard you need to call or chat with Microsoft Support. Due to Coast Guard I. You basically have to grit your teeth and contact Microsoft for help using the guide I posted earlier.

I just tried with a Coast Guard e-mail address and it worked just fine. The e-mail was even sent to my inbox and not my junk folder. By clicking here and entering your email address and code when asked during the check out process. Navy station in Japan and my email is FE. The above code does not work for uscg. I am getting the error code asking to verify if my work email and code are correct.

In my experience Navy the HUP reply is sent to your. Also, check your. I keep entering the Air Force program code and it says Congratulations your email will be sent, but I have yet to receive an email.

Use the instructions above to contact Microsoft. They can usually help you out. Just be patient though since the support team for this is not as big as you might think. JWL: You need access to our your work e-mail. Will stop by work this weekend to see what the link says to do next. Any way to get this as a retiree? I did this several years ago, while active, just wanted to update from office to …. As a military employee, you may be eligible through the Microsoft Workplace Discount Program formerly known as the Home Use Program or HUP to purchase qualifying Microsoft products at a discount for personal use at home.

The Microsoft Workplace Discount Program helps your employees become more proficient and productive with Microsoft and Surface products at home—increasing employee satisfaction while lowering the need and cost of IT help and training. Is your agency not listed as eligible for the Microsoft Workplace Discount Program? You can have the benefits administrator from your Microsoft Volume Licensing contract activate this benefit through Microsoft Volume License Services.

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Windows 10 home use program military free download. Microsoft Home Use Program


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I have a slow yes for you, SSG. There is a Microsoft Home Use program that, by verifying your. I just used it to install on my new PC last month. Here’s the link:. Free office suite — the evolution of OpenOffice. Compatible with Microsoft. Updated regularly, community powered.

Posted on Feb 19, SSG Join to see. I am Looking for a Microsoft Office Download. I know you used to be able to download it from AKO but i can’t seem to find it. Anyone know if the Microsoft Office is still offered for free to Soldiers?

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Hope it helps Microsoft Home Use Program. SGT Join to see. Why don’t you consider LibreOffice or OpenOffice for free? The file types windows 10 home use program military free download compatible. Show More Основываясь на этих данных. Read This Next. Join wjndows 2 million former and current members of the US military, just like you.

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Windows 10 home use program military free download. Microsoft Office Military Discount 2022 | Home Use Program (HUP) 365


It’s even better than the Amex Platinum for everyday spending on dining and groceries. Military Money Manual has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Military Money Manual and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

Thank you for supporting my independent, veteran owned site. Microsoft offers a great military discount on their Microsoft Office Home and Personal. Microsoft recently changed the name of Office to Microsoft Activate your military discount on Microsoft Office through this link or the button above! The Home suite comes with the entire Office collection, not just the basics.

You can also share the account with up to 6 family members, which is great for school kids. Since it’s cloud based, you can use it on any internet connected device. Check out my article on the Microsoft store military discount for more details.

Click here to purchase Microsoft Office with the military discount. It will take you to a page that looks like this:. Enter your military email address. NOT your personal email! For example, mail. Forward this email to your personal email address so you can do the rest from home.

Click the link inside the email that you forwarded to your personal email from your military email. This will bring you to the checkout page. Select the version of Microsoft Office you would like to purchase and checkout.

If you’re having problems with the Microsoft HUP military program, see below the picture for some great tips from some of the commentators. Best advice for folks who work in government state or local or the military is to contact Microsoft Technical Support if the program doesn’t work for you. The agents that you can get in touch with can validate for you the work e-mail address and if not working they will help you out to get the Office products purchased and installed.

NOTE: You first have to answer a robot some basic questions and then you get a live person. Long wait time though since there are only a small number of people that support these kinds of products.

Option 2: Contact chat support through this link. After that you should get a chat link, which then requires the Microsoft Account. Check this link on how to create a Microsoft Account. Once you get a real person via phone or chat, please be very specific and patient with them.

Microsoft is a great deal for back to school savings. If you are taking classes or getting your degree, or your kids need Microsoft Office for school, you can use your military HUP program code to get the program with a great discount. Another great military discount: credit cards that waive annual fees for military like the American Express Platinum and Chase Sapphire Reserve.

Learn how to use these military credit card fee waivers to fly for free, stay at hotels for free, and get upgraded every time you check in! No, Microsoft Office is not free for military. The easiest way is to use the Microsoft Home Use Program and your military email address.

You will enter your military. Then forward that email from your military email to your personal email. Click the link inside the email and complete the sign up process on your home computer. This includes active duty and families. Yes, Microsoft has moved to a subscription basis for their Microsoft Office products. The advantage is they are all cloud based now so you can access on any computer and share with many users.

No, you cannot download Microsoft Office for free. But when I used the old email format, I was able to get verified. The old email is still forwarding messages. I got an email from MS with a link after the verification.

So for now, use our old email. Basically step 3 is not applicable. The old HUP was very specific about this. Office Professional Plus is no longer discounted for the military. I just got off the phone with Microsoft.

They said it stopped last month and now the only discount is for Office Any thoughts? Thank you. Picture above is no longer accurate. If you follow the instructions you will just be taken to this page:. This page looks nothing like the screen shot above. After about 5 days at hours per day, I begin by explaining everything up front. They transfer me around. Each time I have to explain it over again. Each time I have to reenter my email address.

Each time I have to forward it out to a civilian email, then close out enterprise and allow them remote access to my civilian email. After a few hours, They tell me to call the DOD and have them enable links.

I ask for a supervisor. I go through this process again. Another day wasted. This last time, I told them up front if they ask me to enter my email address again that I just want a supervisor. When I got that guy, I explained the situation again.

He told me to go enter my email address on the HUP website, so I asked for his supervisor. I get this new guy, explain everything to him.

He tells me to enter my email address on the HUP website. So I did. He tells me to enter my email again, so I do. He then tells me to click the link in the email. My S-6 told me previously that Microsoft is full of crap.

I ask him for his supervisor and he still says no. He then tells me to go back to the website and try again. I did not insult him, nor did I use profanity. He told me I was abusive and now my number is blocked. Several of my buddies who actually handle tech support calls for this specific products tell me that the higher ups at Microsoft are still trying to figure this out. But once they do, those cases that have come to them will be called back and helped with the purchasing as much as possible.

After two hours I just hung up. The same thing happened but instead of going multiple days, I just said forget it. This is horrible service Microsoft. Spencer: Just an FYI for you and your readers here. The move to Office has a huge problem right now that some have already reported here. To add insult to injury, Microsoft technical support is going to tell you to contact your I. My advice to everyone is if Microsoft technical support tells you to contact your I.

Be persistent and patient. I have tried to get the Microsoft Home Use Program through my mail. The Outlook web app gives me this message…All active links contained in this email were disabled. Any ideas for how to get around this.

A buddy of mine who works for Tech Support over at MS tells me that this is an ongoing problem. MS is slow to realize that the I. Can I change to an older version of the office? This will allow the validation email to get through. I found this knowledge on the HUP site and I finally was able to get the email and make the purchase. Good Luck -ME1 B. If you have Windows 7 or 8. Refer to link above.


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