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Windows 10電卓が機能していませんか?試すべき10の修正 – How To Fix Windows 10 Calculator Not Working

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Windows 10 calculator not working properly free download. Windows 10電卓が機能していませんか?試すべき10の修正


Once all the applications have been updated, including Windows Calculator, relaunch the application and check if the error is resolved. Often Windows files are corrupted or accidentally deleted, which causes some of the apps to malfunction. A quick command can be used to rebuild those files and run the applications smoothly. The command will take a while to execute completely. When done, recheck if the Windows Calculator is functional now.

Windows Troubleshooter is a built-in utility in Windows 10 that can be used to resolve day-to-day errors experienced within the operating system.

Lets see how this utility can be used to troubleshooter the Calculator. Now scroll to the bottom of the screen, click on Windows Store apps , and then Run the troubleshooter.

A new wizard will launch to automatically detect the problems of any Windows applications. Go through with the wizard and perform any necessary actions recommended by it.

When completed, recheck the application for any errors. You can also try to reset the Windows Calculator application in order to restore its standard functionality. Note that this will erase all history within the application, and reset any changes made.

The application has now been reset and should be fully functional. Stay connected. Like Follow Subscribe. Latest News.

Table of Contents. Sarang Bhargava , Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Related Posts. For Windows How To. After updated windows 10 couple days ago, I found there’re some problems, so I recovered it back to safety, I don’t remember what I did, the only thing I could remember was I run recovery, then everything goes back to earlier stage I guess, it did fix my problems, but after that, I tried to open my calculator I used to use from my start menu, I saw the calculator appeared on the desktop for a flash of a second, then it disappeared into the air, I guess it does opened but goes to somewhere maybe out of the screen visible area or it simply goes to Mars for a vacation, is there a way to get it back within the screen so I can use it.

Sorry to know that you are unable to launch the Calculator app on Windows I will certainly help you. You need at least X screen resolution for modern apps to work. The Windows apps will not work in screen resolution less than X To snap apps, you need a screen resolution of at least x Make sure that the screen resolution meets these requirements.

You can check this by: 1. Check the screen resolution shown there. If it is still missing or crashing, try one more system tool. Use the DISM tool. Reboot the computer before continuing. Check for and install available Windows Updates. There might be a known issue with the calculator app for which a service pack or patch provides a solution.

If no updates exist or this does not resolve the problem, you have another option. Perform a System Restore. This utility transports the computer to a time and date of your choosing when the calculator was working fine. This process undoes the most recent major change to the system, which could have caused the calculator to stop working. You also have the opportunity to restore the system to any other restore points that were created. Actively scan device characteristics for identification.

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Windows 10 calculator not working properly free download.Windows 10 Calculator Not Working Properly, Here Are The Fixes

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Windows 10 calculator not working properly free download

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